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WebhostingPad has a simple strategy in the web hosting industry: to provide the lowest-priced guaranteed hosting plan that is still packed with features. In their short five years of doing business, WebhostingPad has certainly proven to be successful at their strategy with hundreds of thousands of customers.

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Reliability (4/5)


WebhostingPad offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee. That leaves very little room for error. While not completely transparent about their data center, they still give us plenty of information about why they offer such a guarantee. Located in Chicago, IL, their in-house N + 1 data center is a world class operation. They use redundant back-up power sources so client can be assured that their website information is available even in a power outage. Their site is completely secure with controlled access, CCTV, and alarm system, thus data is always safe from theft.

Price Value (5/5)


What WebhostingPad does really well is put together a single hosting plan for the lowest price available. Their plan is packed with features and has one of the longest lists of “unlimiteds” in the industry, including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains, email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. They offer complete support for scripting and third-party software plugins.

WebhostingPad offers a choice of eCommerce solutions for businesses doing online sales, and provide great support for multi-media. In addition, they offer a free website building tool and offer a generous amount of free marketing credits with search engines and social media.

What does all this cost? Just $1.99 per month if paid 4 years in advance. Even so, if you only want to pay 12 months at a time you still get one of the best deals at just $3.95 per month.

Control Panel (5/5)


WebhostingPad clients manage their account with cPanel software, one of the best in the industry. It has been designed to be used by both novice and expert users and is completely configurable with drag and drop ease. Database management is a breeze. Email account creation is just a few clicks. You can backup and restore your website files easily, and view all the important traffic statistics that are important to you.

Customer Support (4/5)


WebhostingPad offers a 24 hour support hotline via phone and by email as well. Customers with pressing questions or problems can easily get great support from qualified technicians.

WebhostingPad clients can also get great online support through their support center. Their online knowledgebase contains an average number of helpful articles. It could use a better overall number of guides and tutorials found on other web hosting support sites.

Overall Value (4.5/5)


WebhostingPad has found a niche in the affordable web hosting arena. Their prices cannot be beat and the amount of features makes this package one of the best deals on the market. While support is not the very best, those who are experienced and comfortable managing web accounts will find this offering an excellent choice.

What was once a great deal on professional web hosting is now an unpassable deal! Act today and take advantage of the award winning WebhostingPad web hosting for just $1.99 per month!

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2 thoughts on “WebhostingPad Review

  1. My personal experience with webhostingpad:

    1. Downtime – X3 in 1 year;
    2. Hacked – X2;
    3. Domain renew problem – X1
    (as registrars for my domain they didn’t invoice me for the domain renewal causing me to lose the domain)
    4. Account canceled for no reason – X1;
    5. Web chat Support efficiency = 0
    (all they did was to refer me to the ticketing system);
    6. Mail support:Here how it goes: you sent a mail or submit a ticket. Wait for hours. Get useless reply. Send another mail. Repeat procedure 3 to 6 times. They finally acknowledge the problem therefore the fix is “only” 4 to 7 mails and a few hours away…

    Stay away as far as you can from webhostingpad.

  2. Our websites down twice a month without the exact answer from the support. We would not recommend them at all. Some of their tech supports are clearly not based in US and unable to fix those issues. A lot downtime is unacceptable at all.

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