Tips on Keeping Your Blog Safer

Keep your blog safe

Try to imagine putting in hour after hour of work on your blog only to awaken one morning and find that it is wiped. This can easily happen if you do not take some simple precautions to ensure that you blog is safe from hackers. There are a few tips you may want to consider if you have a blog that is currently live, or if you are thinking about starting one. We will assume you are using a WordPress blog for the sake of this article, as it is one of the most popular blogging publishers out there today.

Always Keep Your Word Press Version Up-To-Date

Every so often, a breach is security is discovered and then changed in the newer versions. If you do not run and install updates to be sure you are using the latest version of WordPress, then you may not be protected. Everyone knows that it is a little bit troublesome to update WordPress, and as a result, many people become content just leaving the version the way it is. This is a very bad idea and it is worth your time to go ahead and keep in set to the latest version. The good news is there is actually a plug in that will make the process of updating and backing up your blog automatic. This means you will not have to do much on your own.

Always Keep Everything Back Up

While you may feel safe just allowing WordPress to update and back up all the time in an automated fashion, you would be wise to keep a folder on your PC that contains your blog content. You should be creating back up files and saving them on your hard drive, to that folder regularly. This way if anything at all does go wrong, your content is not lost. You can accomplish this by going into your dashboard and visiting the “Manage” section. Once in that section you can choose “export” and then click on “download export file.” This will save a copy of all your comments, tags, posts and other valuable content. Be sure to give the files a name that coincides with a date so you know the latest back up.

Do Not Leave the Version of WordPress Visible

If you have ever right clicked on a webpage and clicked view source code, then you already know all the source code is right there for anyone to see. In order to make sure no one can see which version you have used, you will want to get rid of the version sequence in the header.php file. To do this just change <meta name=”generator” content=”<?php bloginfo(‘version’); ?>” /> to  <meta name=”generator” content= “WordPress” /> . Doing this will ensure that no one is able to pick up on any possible flaws that may be in the current version of WordPress you are using, and use it against you. You can also hide your plug ins directory by putting a blank file with the name of index.html in the root of the folder you have your plug ins in.

These are just a few tips to help keep your blog safe. The main concerns are still making sure to keep your WordPress as current as possible, perhaps using the automated plug in, and keeping everything hidden from roving eyes. There are many tips, tricks, and techniques, which professional bloggers use to add extra security. It is best to do some research and see what other bloggers are doing to keep their blogs as safe as possible. Remember, this is an ever-changing thing as new viruses and malware is released every day. You never know when your blog is going to become vulnerable.

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