Why is Hostgator the Best for Multiple Domain Hosting?

Hostgator and Multiple Domain Hosting

While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Hostgator, perhaps a little less known fact about the web hosting provider is that it’s one of the best in the industry for multiple domain hosting. In addition to being a certified Green Business, the host delivers eco-friendly services and provides excellent customer service.

Hostgator is also among the elite hosting resellers as well as a favorite shared hosting platform. Many users, however, opt for Hostgator’s services for the simple convenience of hosting multiple domains on a single hosting account.
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Why is Bluehost is Best for Unix Hosting?

Bluehost and Unix Hosting

Bluehost is considered one of the most reliable and successful web hosting providers in the industry, especially when delivering Unix hosting at competitive prices. Founded in 1996, the host continues to deliver superb quality web hosting services to over1 million domains as the company has witnessed the rise and fall of many of its competitors struggling in a ruthless and dynamic industry.
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GetBestWebHosting.com 2011 Hosting Award – InMotion Hosting #1 Rated Web Host

Getbestwebhosting.com 2011 Hosting Award

InMotion Hosting has been selected to receive the GetBestWebHosting.com #1 Rated Web Host Award. The web hosting provider remains an industry favorite since its establishment in 2001. InMotion offers users numerous unlimited features and even a couple of exclusive services delivered only by the web host. In addition to offering quality and dependable services at affordable prices, customers also receive award-winning customer support when experiencing technical difficulties.
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Is Webhostingpad the Best Cheap Hosting for $1.99?

Is Webhostingpad worth $1.99?

At first glance, it may seem as though Webhostingpad’s listed monthly web hosting pricing structure is an obvious typo, however, for many satisfied customers, it’s arguable the best cheap web host currently available leading the industry with a plethora of free and unlimited features backed by no-risk guarantees.
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Which Type of Website is Ideal if You are Using Shared Hosting?

Ideal Type of Website for Shared Hosting

Navigating the plethora of shared hosting options is often a bit confusing if you’re preparing to launch a web presence. Nestled among the shared host’s free features, attractive services and affordable pricing is the small print that every web site owners should pay special attention to when opting for a shared hosting provider to meet individual website hosting needs. With a basic understanding of the pros and cons of shared hosting, it’s easier to determine if the hosting platform is the ideal solution to support the type of website you desire to launch
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Is Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting Your Best Hosting Option?

Shared or VPS Hosting

Shared web hosting providers continue to pop up every day by the masses, largely due to the continued growing demand for cheap hosting options for small website ventures. Although shared hosting platforms are extremely affordable and offer an array of attractive unlimited features and free services, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also growing in popularity due to the increased security and more affordable than a dedicated server. So, which is your best hosting option?
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