Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is better for the Professional Photographer?

Shared vs Dedicated Server for Photography Hosting

The web hosting industry is tremendously large, with more companies for you to look at than you could sift through in an entire week. Their services vary greatly, but some features are more common than others. Arguably the most common is the dedicated server. Right from the start the consumer demand and customers needs for such technology were clear. A shared hosting environment can have hundreds of accounts on any one server. All it takes is one of those accounts to either be extremely busy or to do something really insecure, and a few hundred web sites are knocked offline for at least a few minutes, often hours, and occasionally days. Alternately, that one really busy account could be you, and you might need something more.
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Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting: Which is Better for the Professional Photographer?

Shared vs Cloud for Photography Hosting

No trend has excited the web hosting world, and the computing world in general, like cloud computing. The very concept can be hard to conceptualize for those who are just ramping up to the technology, however we shall take a quick look to summarize cloud computing as a whole.

Cloud computing, in general, is an architecture in which your data, and the software and hardware accessing it, do not reside on one machine or even in one network, but are spread among many. The advantages are obvious, as when one server is down this no longer means that your entire site is down. In fact, if the servers are spread amongst different networks, even area-wide outages might not affect you, and downtime can thus be reduced to near-zero.
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Why is Justhost Best for Budget Hosting?

Justhost Budget Web Hosting

Justhost is a premiere web host that targets web developers who are budget conscious. When looking for budget prices for web hosts, Justhost hosting has definitely distinguished itself above the competition. With plan pricing beginning at $4.45 per month, and unlimited being the standard limit for most of the key features, Justhost presents an incredible value in addition to offering an extraordinary service.
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Why is Fatcow Best for Photography Hosting?

Fatcow Photography Web Hosting

FatCow is a quirky and affordable web hosting provider offering a vast supply of unlimited features and services that makes it one of the best in the industry for photography hosting. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, combined with a free website builder, script barn and application installation wizards allow users to support impressive photo galleries to share with perspective clients. In addition to offering customers a plethora of valuable website building tools and resources, FatCow is eco-friendly and 100% wind-powered.
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Why is iPage Best for Business Hosting?

iPage Business Hosting

For business owners with no time to master learning curves when it comes to setting up and managing a functional business website, iPage is among the best web hosts in the industry for business hosting. iPage, established in 1995, is a reputable eco-friendly web hosting provider that has been offering customers shared hosting services for well over a decade. While iPage is a formable eco-conscious wind energy leader delivering quality services and support for over 15 years, even small business owners on a shoestring budget can afford the host’s Essential Plan for a very competitive price of $4.50.month.
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Why is Inmotion the Best VPS Hosting?

Inmotion VPS Hosting

When choosing the appropriate web hosting provider, developers often feel transposed into a Goldilocks’ scenario narrowing down the options. Hosting needs for mid-size and larger ventures tend to far exceed shared web hosting solutions, yet don’t require an exclusive dedicated server.
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