FatCow Review


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The folks at FatCow started their web hosting company in 1998 with a simple thought in mind: provide simple and great web hosting with “no bull.” That means getting past all the “techno babble” of multiple-priced hosting plans and provide consumers with a simple and friendly approach to web hosting. Let’s take a closer look at how FatCow has reached the tops in their class in web hosting over the last decade plus of service.
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HostMonster Review


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HostMonster wants to be the most reliable web hosting service. Not just in delivering speedy and uninterrupted web service, but also reliable customer service and the most reliable business practices that ensure that their customers get the best quality and value.
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AwardSpace Review


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AwardSpace is the web hosting company that you may not have heard about, but should definitely be on your radar. They are based out of Germany, but operate a world-class data center that is considered to be the connecting internet backbones between the U.S. and Europe. Take a look at their detailed review below.
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iPage Review


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iPage sets the bar pretty high with their all-around web hosting service. They not only offer cheap web hosting, but they provide all the extras that help a small business owner take a website to the next level such as free advertising credits, search optimization tools, a free website builder, and security applications. But how do they stack up in our overall detailed review? Read on to learn more.
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SiteCloud Review


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The shared-server hosting industry is reaching for the sky. Metaphorically, that is. Cloud computing has found its way into the web hosting industry and is making waves as the way of the future. What’s so special about cloud web hosting servers? We take a closer look below and explain why we think SiteCloud is our pick for the #9 spot in our Top Ten.
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HostGator Review


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Rounding up our top ten list is a hosting company founded by a Florida Atlantic University student in his basement in 2002. Who would have guessed back then that the company we know now as HostGator would go on to become one of the largest web host providers in the country? Here we dive into the specifics of HostGator and why we think they deserve a spot on our top ten list.
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