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iPage sets the bar pretty high with their all-around web hosting service. They not only offer cheap web hosting, but they provide all the extras that help a small business owner take a website to the next level such as free advertising credits, search optimization tools, a free website builder, and security applications. But how do they stack up in our overall detailed review? Read on to learn more.

Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from iPage. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Reliability (4/5)


Since 1998 when iPage opened its doors to the internet world, they have dedicated themselves to providing a reliable technology center that run at top speeds and rarely has downtime. Their pooled server configuration (consisting of top-rated Dell computers) allows any server on the speedy network to access web files. That means even if a single server or two crash, your website is still available from other servers when a request comes in. iPage uses load balancers to customize each server to a specific function, making their system faster and more reliable.

Despite all this reliable world-class technology, what is noticeably missing from iPage is an uptime guarantee for their clients.

Price (5/5)


iPage has developed a single hosting plan to meet the needs of almost any small to medium sized business website. What does this plan cost? Only $3.50 per month. A true bargain considering that the plan comes with unlimited amounts of disk space, monthly bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, and email accounts. The plan also supports the popular scripting languages and easy plugins for blogs, photo galleries, and forums. iPage provides multi-media support for audio, video, Flash, Macromedia, and MIDI so your website can shine and sparkle with all the bells and whistles.

iPage gives plenty of extras as well, such as a free website builder using drag and drop or build from templates. There is a choice of free eCommerce shopping carts, as well as over $125 worth of credits for advertising and promotion on search engines, social media sites, and online listings.

A highly competitive point is that iPage offers an anytime money back guarantee. No matter if its 30 days, or 230 days, you can still get the balance of your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

Control Panel (4/5)


The account management feature iPage provides its clients is basic. Clients simply log in through a specific URL and can access and manage all account features through a simple control panel design. While it is not as “spiffy” as some of the top control panel software on the market, it does allow users to create and manage email accounts, manage databases, upload and delete web files, configure security options, and view visitor stats.

Customer Support (5/5)


Clients who use iPage web hosting have the benefit of 24 hour customer support via telephone or live chat. In addition to round-the-clock contact, users can also look up information and get questions answered through their online self help center and knowledgebase. Users can browse by category, or search by specific keywords. They also provide user guides to help clients understand more about managing a website, web design, configuring email, and more.

Overall (4.5/5)


While iPage gets our #8 ranking, their overall review and value is still quite high. Their support is outstanding, the technology is efficient and fast (though we would like to see an uptime guarantee for their clients), and the price is unmatchable for the amount of features included. If you choose to use iPage you certainly won’t go wrong.

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2 thoughts on “iPage Review

  1. iPage wasn’t my choice when decided to move from mochahost. My doubt was about the cheap price and how reliability they are. As we all know most cheap things has a reason why they are so cheap and quality is always compromised. I decided to try them with $3.50 per month (with one year advance payment).

    iPage proved me not all cheap come with junk as always. They are fast enough and support is quite fast (sometime ignorant to be honest but acceptable). They also helped me move websites from my old host. recommended.

  2. This host is OK only if you are starting a new fresh website and register domain with them. If you are looking for a replacement for your old host then this place is not for you. They are very ***cking slow in domain and website transfer. This is what I got atfer purchased their yearly package. I thought one day should be the most but they took almost two days for just tranfer them. Not impressed.

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