How to Choose the Best Dedicated Web Hosting

How to Choose Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Whether you are just getting started with your online business or moving up from a shared or VPS hosting plan, a dedicated server hosting plan can give you the flexibility, resources, privacy, and overall control over your site.

When you look for a dedicated server hosting plan we recommend you search for the most reliable dedicated hosting companies. But how do you know if a particular host meets certain standards for dedicated hosting? We take a look at a few of the most important aspects you should consider.

Look for State of the Art Web Servers

One of the first things you should consider is the quality of the web servers. A reputable web hosting company will give you choices of web servers that fit your budget.

The choices should include top-of-the-line server technology that include high-speed dual or quad-processors, and generous amounts of RAM and disk space. You should also get assurance of plenty of bandwidth or monthly data transfer along with your dedicated host plan.

Other considerations for your dedicated web server might be whether you require a Windows platform, or if Linux or other operating system will work for your needs.

Check for Managed Hosting Plans

When you purchase a dedicated hosting plan you are responsible for all the downloading and management of the software, but also the administration, backup, and maintenance of the server. If you are not prepared to take over the administrative and maintenance tasks due to lack of knowledge or staffing, consider a managed dedicated hosting plan.

A managed plan transfers the daily backup and maintenance of the server back onto the host. And since they are trusted with housing and hosting the plan, a managed plan is a good idea for many businesses as it will ultimately save money on hiring your own staff to do the job.

Compare Prices

Pricing is important. There are dedicated hosting plans available that are well under $100 per month, but you should beware of most of them.

For instance, if you’re only paying $50 for a dedicated hosting plan you may be losing a great deal in features such as an IP address, total disk space, or even low quality bandwidth. Don’t choose a dedicated plan based just on price. Be sure you are getting an overall and profitable deal at whatever monthly price you choose.


A reputable hosting company will keep your dedicated server well secured. But don’t leave security to chance. The data on your server is vitally important, too important to loose or be at risk of theft.

Be sure your hosting company provides a facility that is monitored 24 hours by security, and is also secured by video surveillance. They should only allow assigned technicians into bio-locked server areas. And if you choose a managed hosting plan, try to negotiate having only one assigned managed care person.

Dedicated servers are a great way to go for growing online businesses. Be sure you are ready for such a big step. Consider the above factors when choosing your dedicated host. And make a decision that will benefit and help make your online business profitable.

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