How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting

How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting

With the growing demand for cloud hosting, due to the numerous benefits it offers to customers, choosing the best cloud host may be a daunting task because as a cutting-edge technology, the platform is an often misunderstood creature.

What You Should Know

Cloud hosting is a popular hosting environment for many reasons. Despite the critics debates and rants, cloud hosting is an emerging platform that has made itself comfortable and at home in the IT world. The best cloud hosts offer customers an almost perfect network uptime, enhanced redundancy, robust performance, reliable scalability to prevent downtime, and pay-as-you-grow options to reduce useless spending.

The simple truth is that the perfect cloud host is efficient in providing customers with the web hosting essentials to launch and maintain a website; and doesn’t try to sell you features and add-on services that are not fundamental to daily operations.

Cloud hosting is able to provide one core competency when compared to other hosting platforms: scalability. To ensure uptime during hours of peak traffic or the launch of a new website, the integral workings of cloud hosting allows the process to quickly and efficiently deploy more than one server to support a customer’s website during heavy traffic, and deploy the same servers when they are not needed. Not only is this advantageous for the customer, but it also saves valuable resources including energy.

What You Should Ask

If the following information isn’t readily available on the cloud host’s website, then you should ask the following questions when searching for the best host to meet your needs:

  • – What is the host’s certification according to standard regulations? (PCI, DSS, SAS 70)
  • – How long has the host been providing cloud products?
  • – Does the host’s customer support provide 24×7 assistance? Are there any extra charges for technical assistance?
  • – Does the host offer hybrid, all-in-one bundles or customized plans to meet your needs?
  • – What payment options are available?
  • – Does the host offer first-time users discounts, trial periods, money back guarantees and available options for mobile access?

Cloud Hosting Options

Although there are numerous cloud hosts available offering a variety of products and features, the following is a few of the industry’s most reliable and affordable options.

  • RackspaceCloud – With over 40,000 cloud customers, the cloud host leads the industry offering customers on-demand servers with root access, dynamic scaling, open source APIs, and pay-as-you-grow options with no required long-term agreements. The cloud host is best suited for easy managed cloud hosting, server self-management, and clients needing diverse portfolios and accommodating global demands. Cloud servers begin at 1.5 cents per hour.
  • 1&1 Dynamic Cloud – The cloud host provides platforms for customers looking for easy hosting solutions to manage cloud servers. The host allows customers to customize sliding dials to meet individual needs from 1-4 core processors, 100-800 GB disk space, and 1-15 GB of RAM. Additionally, the host offers unlimited root access, 99.9% up-time, 24-7 support, top-tier connectivity, and secure data centers. The plan begins at $24.99 per month for the first 3 months, then $49.99 thereafter.
  • GoDaddy Mac OS X Cloud – The popular web host offers several different plans to customers to meet an array of hosting needs. The basic Economy plan begins around $99.99 per month which includes a package for up to 10 users, 2 GB of memory, 60 GB of storage, and 1TB bandwidth per month.

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