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HostMonster wants to be the most reliable web hosting service. Not just in delivering speedy and uninterrupted web service, but also reliable customer service and the most reliable business practices that ensure that their customers get the best quality and value.

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Reliability (4/5)


HostMonster uses only top-quality quad servers in their world-class data center. That processing power combined with a redundant network configuration helps keep websites up, even when a server or two fail. All servers are set on redundant backup power as well, so never will an electric outage affect web accounts from staying on the web. Their data center is monitored 24/7 and has state-of-the-art secured access so all data is safe, and automatically backed up for clients. All this is delivered to HostMonster clients with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Price (4/5)


HostMonster keeps it simple for their clients. Rather than presenting a list of plans with different features and prices, they provide a single plan for a single price. With this pricing scenario clients know they get the best deal possible. Their single plan is only $5.95 per month and comes with unlimited monthly traffic, disk storage space, hosted domains, and email accounts.

HostMonster provides all clients with plenty of support for easy script installation of all the popular scripts, such as Python, Perl 5, PHP 5, and Ruby on Rails. Clients also get a choice of free eCommerce shopping carts so they can start selling online in a jiffy. Multi-media is also supported so website designers can offer robust designs.

Control Panel (5/5)


HostMonster chose well when they decided to provide cPanel software for their clients to manage web accounts. CPanel is the leading control panel software on the market and for good reason. It was designed with both novices and experts in mind so anyone can manage a web account effectively and easily. The user interface is a pleasant design with drag and drop technology to enable users to configure the look want. All stats are immediately presented to the web owner, and users can put the items they use most at the top of the list, such as database management, security functions, email account setup and maintenance, and web file management.

Customer Support (5/5)


HostMonster is committed to bringing superior service to their customers. Their technical support hotline is open 24 hours a day so clients can call whenever there is a pressing issue. Clients also have access to an online support center where they can browse or search the knowledgebase of articles, open a ticket, learn to use cPanel, watch video tutorials, or even pose questions to other members on the forum.

Overall (4.5/5)


Overall, HostMonster presents an extraordinary hosting service to their clients. They are worthy of their number 6 ranking in the top ten web hosts. If you want a great unlimited plan for a great price along with 24 hour customer support, give HostMonster a try, you will be glad that you did.

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1 thought on “HostMonster Review

  1. Subscribing to Host Monster is the equivalent of rolling a dice and hope for the best.

    I had been with them for a bit more than 1 year now, as far as the features offered, technical support, user friendliness, I had no problem.

    I have a business in the virtual World called Secondlife and was using a server to host my products and services. Earlier this week, I was the victim of a DDOS attack which made them lock my server and websites. Their answer?

    They acknoledged that it was impossible for me to prevent or protect against a DDOS attack and that they way I was using their hosting was not violating their term of services.

    However, they told me that a DDOS attack is rarely done randomly and that someone might dislike what I am doing with my websites, therefore, they are closing my account, my servers and showing me the door.

    Following Host Monster’s policies and logic, if you see someone being mugged and robbed in the street, please proceed to insult them for their weakness, he probably deserved it anyway.

    I’m sorry but the logic just blows my mind. Wow.

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