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The folks at FatCow started their web hosting company in 1998 with a simple thought in mind: provide simple and great web hosting with “no bull.” That means getting past all the “techno babble” of multiple-priced hosting plans and provide consumers with a simple and friendly approach to web hosting. Let’s take a closer look at how FatCow has reached the tops in their class in web hosting over the last decade plus of service.

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Reliability (4/5)


FatCow utilizes two of the top world-class data centers out of Boston, MA to provide smoothly running internet for their customers. Both centers are N + 1 platforms and is configured in a pool server environment. That means that even if a single server goes down other servers on the network are ready to transfer and handle the load.

Not only are FatCow servers top Dell computers, but they are set up on dual redundant routers and protected by two firewalls. If that’s not enough, FatCow is dedicated to using only clean energy, and proves it by buying 100% wind energy. All this makes the difference in getting reliable technology to serve their customers and keep their websites on the internet.

Price Value (5/5)


FatCow gets past all the “bull” found on other web hosting plans by presenting just a single hosting plan that is packed with features. Although they only have a single plan it has everything a small to medium sized business needs to make their website sparkle on the web. All for a low price of $5.50/M $3.67 per month, or just $44 per year.

The FatCow plan comes with unlimited amounts of web traffic, disk storage space, hosted domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases. You can be sure that their plan also supports popular scripting like Python, Joomla, and PHP 4 & 5.

To complement all this, FatCow gives their clients free marketing credits to help promote their website on social media and search engines.

Control Panel (4/5)


FatCow provides their own “brand” of control panel. While there are popular name-brand software packages on the market, FatCow’s control management software is a good substitute. The control panel has a pleasant design and is easy to follow. Users get easy access to all account management functions such as email accounts, database management, file upload and control, file backup, security functions, and of course, viewing all pertinent website stats.

Customer Support (5/5)


When it comes to support, FatCow has them all beat. Their “Heifercratic Oath” pledges to give friendly help with an enthusiastic can-do attitude. Their people are there 24 hours a day to answer questions in a timely fashion. Clients can call, email, or join a live chat to get support that is based on the highest standards. In addition, if FatCow ever breaks their “oath” in any way, they’ll credit you with a month free.

Overall Value (4.5/5)


FatCow truly has one of the best values on the web hosting market. Their dedication to using only clean wind energy also shows that they care not only about their customers, but also the environment where they do business. FatCow is highly recommended for their simply yet feature-rich plan, and their superior support.

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  • 3 thoughts on “FatCow Review

    1. Fatcow support is good but the host itself not good enough. It is true their support quite fast and answer for most issues quickly. However it is useless without a doubt. You paid for the host and not the support. Not my recommendation.

    2. As a full time 7 years web developer and seo I would recommend fatcow to my clients and so to you. A good place for starter and beginner webmaster to test a water. This may not for you if you are looking for a room for spike traffics wbesite anyway. I do recommend you go with dedicated server or vps instead of shared hosting.

    3. Fatcow support is fairly good but not that fast as adverted. good for small web with low visitors but not with high visits one. If your website has more than a thousand daily then consider other place. This is not for you.

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