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What top rated web host offers a CEO who cares enough to write and post to the company blog? If you picked BlueHost’s CEO, Matt Heaton, then you’ve picked the right hosting company. This company started business in 1996 before the dot-com boom and bust, and is still a thriving web company. Below we take a closer look at how BlueHost may be a great choice for you.

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Reliability (4/5)


BlueHost states that they believe their technology is what sets them apart from other hosting companies. Unlike most web hosts, they own their own data center rather than renting servers or server space from a third-party data center location. They use top quality quad-core processor performance servers in a configuration that avoids downtime and promotes nearly 100% uptime for your website. Their multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections helps keep all requests for websites coming through so your site is always available. All this is backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee so you know BlueHost stands by their reliability promise.

Price Value (4/5)


BlueHost offers a single plan at just $6.95 per month. Whether you pay 12, 24, or 36 months in advance, the price is still a low $6.95/M $4.95 per month. For less than $71.4 per year a small business can get their website on the “net” and be assured that they still get support for all the scripts, eCommerce solutions, and multi-media they need to make a great website. Not to mention all the unlimited disk storage space, bandwidth, email accounts, and databases they can use up.

Control Panel (5/5)


BlueHost adds value to their hosting plan with the addition of cPanel control panel software. CPanel is tops on the market because it is the easiest and most thorough control panel available. The control panel is completely configurable through drag and drop. The easy-to-view function bars allow any user, whether expert or novice, to control all aspects of their web account including email accounts, databases, stats, security, file upload, and easy installation of scripts and supported third-party software.

Customer Support (5/5)


BlueHost takes care of their live support in-house at their Utah headquarters. Technical support is available via telephone 24 hours a day. They also provide a live chat function if you would like to pose a question to one of their experts, you may do so instantly via their chat interface.

Their online help center is also a very helpful tool for all users. Clients have access to set-up and “get started” wizards, tutorials, and a searchable article knowledgebase. There is also a user forum where clients can post and answer questions to each other adding yet another element of online and free support.

Overall Value (4.5/5)


BlueHost is an award-winning and veteran web hosting company, and deservedly so. They offer a single hosting plan making it easy for any small business to get exactly what they need without all the confusing feature details. and their support is top notch in the business. If you want a reliable host with a proven track record, you can’t go wrong with BlueHost.

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4 thoughts on “BlueHost Review

  1. 4 wordpress sites and 1 forum with 0 problems. Bluehost is a good host but not best. Slow and laggy sometime. I also have 10 joomla sites with hostgator too so I can compare both and I can say HG is better. I never noticed any laggy for that 10.

  2. Most of us know that bluehost and hostmonster are the same company operating by same owner. bluehost is a bit more expensive over hostmonster so I contacted bluehost asking reason for difference in pricing. The rep was very eager to answer it with detailed and honest enough. He was very candid and go straight to the point. I chose bluehost and it was a good decision.

    If you are looking a host for first time webmaster then bluehost is the answer.

  3. I was looking a reliable hosting for my photo site. I know nothing about website creation and need easiest way to begin. I tested by ask same question to support person in every hosting company I contacted with but only representative from bluehost did answer me promptly with detailed. That was show how professional they are and that’s why I chose them. A happy customer from Jefferson County.

  4. If you are looking for a quality php hosting then bluehost is what I recommend. They are reliable hosting company and their customer support is really top notch as well.

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