Best Blog Web Hosting

Best Blog Web Hosting

Choosing the best web hosting plan for your blog will ensure that the site is able to accommodate sudden surges of traffic and large amounts of bandwidth transfer as you continue to add new content and attract new visitors. Blogs have very different needs from conventional websites, so choosing a hosting plan that reflects these requirements is the best way to avoid problems that could cause you to change providers unnecessarily.

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Some web hosting companies provide hosting plans that are more suitable for blogs, by including features that let you easily build, customize, and manage your blogs within a centralized interface. The following five web hosting companies are known for providing the best blog web hosting plans.

#1. AwardSpace


AwardSpace provides web hosting that is perfect for every blog owner, as their plans include compatibility with all of the major blogging programming languages, as well as a control panel that includes an easy installations for installing blogging tools such as WordPress and Joomla. AwardSpace also offers unlimited disk space, traffic, domains hosted, and MySQL databases. Fortunately, all of these features come at the incredibly low cost of 4.29 Euro per month.

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#2. iPage


Web hosting plans offered by iPage are perfect for bloggers and start at only $3.50 per month. Furthermore, all plans are backed by an anytime money back guarantee, and include robust features such as a free online store, free site building tools, a free security suite, and unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and e-mail accounts. In addition, all iPage web hosting services are powered by 100% wind energy and are therefore completely environmentally friendly.

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#3. SiteCloud


Although SiteCloud specializes in providing cloud hosting, they also provide a web hosting plan that will accommodate bloggers, with unlimited MySQL databases, e-mail accounts, and the ability to host unlimited domains. SiteCloud also pride themselves in providing 99.9% uptime and a 30 day money back guarantee with no hidden fees associated with any of their plans. Cloud hosting is known for providing infinitely and instantly expandable hosting resources, and therefore the perfect hosting environment for a blog owner that has continuously growing websites.

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#4. FatCow


FatCow provides hosting plans that are perfect for blogging because they include full site templates, quick installation utilities, a free domain name, easy-to-use site builders, automatic blog setup tools, photo galleries, and their patented “legendairy” support. Every FatCow web hosting plan also includes $50 worth of Google ad credits and $25 with Yahoo ad credits, which lets you start marketing your blogs on the major search engines as soon as they are set up. FatCow also provides 24-hour support, and all of their plans are backed by a money back guarantee.

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#5. WebhostingPad


WebhostingPad offers hosting plans that are perfect for blogging and start at only $1.99 per month. Using their comprehensive support you can easily transfer your website to their servers, and by utilizing their free script library you can quickly install, set up, organize, and continuously manage various types of blogs including those managed with the ever so popular WordPress and Joomla! content management systems.

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