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AwardSpace is the web hosting company that you may not have heard about, but should definitely be on your radar. They are based out of Germany, but operate a world-class data center that is considered to be the connecting internet backbones between the U.S. and Europe. Take a look at their detailed review below.

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Reliability (5/5)


In Kiel, Germany sits LambdaNet, a well-known internet backbone that helps connect the U.S. and Europe together on the World Wide Web. This sizable data center uses a highly redundant Tier 1 fiber optic network in a clustered server configuration. This design is highly both highly efficient and helps to keep all client websites up, even if a server or two crashes. Their highly qualified technicians keep the data center running smoothly and monitor around the clock for any potential errors. What does all this mean for their clients? A 99.9% uptime guarantee that is backed by a proven track record of uptime.

Price Value (4/5)


AwardSpace provides shared-server hosting plans that are very affordable and generous with features. They have three plans available: the Basic, the Web Pro Plus, and the Max pack Plus. These plans go for 2.79 Euro, 4.29 Euro, and 5.49 Euro respectively. No matter which plan you choose the total cost is still less than $90 per year.

The top two plans get unlimited amounts of disk space and bandwidth. The Basic plan still gets a generous allotment that is more than enough for most small businesses or personal websites. All plans come with scripting support for the most popular scripting languages, website statistics, a free site builder, and a choice of free shopping carts to get started with eCommerce sales.

Control Panel (4/5)


The control panel software provided by AwardSpace is suitable. It is an effective design and layout, but can take a while to get used to finding all the features for those not familiar with control panel software. All control features are designed in a tabular menu, where you can easily create and manage email accounts, view website stats, control all account manager info, plugin supported software, or contact the support center.

Customer Support (4/5)


AwardSpace wants their customers to enjoy risk-free web hosting. That is why they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their plans. They also provide 24/7/365 support, however that is only through their online ticket support system. Tech help calls are accepted during business hours only.

They do provide an online self help through FAQ’s, but it is a far reach from other top web hosts that provide a complete online knowledgebase of articles, guides, and tutorials.

Overall Value (4/5)


AwardSpace has been doing business long enough to know what is important for reliable web hosting. Their data center and equipment are among the tops in the world, connecting continents through the internet. Additionally, they are completely 100% wind energy powered. That shows their dedication to the environment as well as their customers. AwardSpace is definitely worthy of their #7 ranking in our top ten list.

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2 thoughts on “AwardSpace Review

  1. awardspace was a really great host but not now. They became worse and worse. I have started with their free offers then decided to sign up with their paid plans. everything went well until a couple of months lately. a lot of downtime happens and almost non reply from supports made me sick. I have been told that email server was down frequently and my report were absent and that’s why I haven’t got replies from them. It didn’t buy me however.

  2. At least once or twice a week my site goes down for a short period fo time, without any prior notification at all. the last time I remember was 6 hours due to their own main maintenance schedule. What do you think about 6 hours downtime for just a maintenance and yet no notification ever been sent!!

    I personally would recommend to stay away from this company, run away from them like a plaque. I am looking for another hosting company as replacement and bluehost may be my choice for now.

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