The Various Kinds of Web Hosting Money Back Guarantees You Should Know About

Money Back Guarantee

With almost every online industry becoming increasingly competitive, it is not surprising to see every hosting company offering a plethora of guarantees with their products and services. Guarantees are reliable indicators of a company’s trustworthiness and the quality of their service. In the web hosting industry guarantees all too common, and fortunately most customers never have to complain to their host about performance problems that violate a specific guarantee. However, this is primarily due to the fact that the majority of hosting users never thoroughly examine their plan terms and conditions, and are therefore not aware of the various guarantees that their host may be defaulting on regularly. The following are various kinds of web hosting money back guarantees that everyone should know about.
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The Truth Behind “Unlimited Disk Space”

Unlimited Disk Space

Just a quick glance at the sales page of most web hosting services can lead anyone to conclude that the service being offered is “too good to be true”. Nonetheless, most web hosts are known for providing valuable services to their customers at nominal prices with new specials and promotions constantly appearing in this ever-expanding, competitive industry. Perhaps two of the most important aspects of a web hosting plan are the bandwidth and disk space that can be utilized by each user. These two attributes determine the overall performance of your website, and are therefore crucial advertising points for web hosting companies. However, is it really possible for a web host to promise their customers unlimited disk space without being dishonest?
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Shared hosting or VPS hosting: Which is Better for the Professional Photographer?

Shared vs VPS Hosting for Photography Hosting

Virtual Private Server, in short, VPS hosting, also known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hosting, is one of the most exciting new trends in the web hosting world. VPS combines the best features of shared and dedicated server hosting. On the one hand, you get as close to your own machine as is possible without actually having one, right down to your personal operating system (often with “root” access) and percentage of allocated CPU and other system resources, at a cost significantly below that of a dedicated server. One consumer hosting forum user reports seeing costs as low as $10/month.
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Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting: Which is Better for the Professional Photographer?

Shared vs Reseller Hosting for Photography Hosting

Right from the start of the web hosting industry it was recognized that the number of people who would want web sites would be far greater than the number of people who wanted to deal with the hassle of creating and maintaining them. Web hosts capitalized on this fact almost immediately, and created business models that would attract middle men, more commonly known in the web hosting industry as “resellers.”
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Shared Hosting and Green Hosting: Which is Better for the Professional Photographer?

Shared vs Green Hosting for Photography Hosting

The web hosting world is going green. One of the biggest trends in the world of hosting is for companies to advertise themselves as “eco green,” meaning that their services are designed to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.
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Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting: Which is better for the Professional Photographer?

Shared vs Dedicated Server for Photography Hosting

The web hosting industry is tremendously large, with more companies for you to look at than you could sift through in an entire week. Their services vary greatly, but some features are more common than others. Arguably the most common is the dedicated server. Right from the start the consumer demand and customers needs for such technology were clear. A shared hosting environment can have hundreds of accounts on any one server. All it takes is one of those accounts to either be extremely busy or to do something really insecure, and a few hundred web sites are knocked offline for at least a few minutes, often hours, and occasionally days. Alternately, that one really busy account could be you, and you might need something more.
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