Why is Justhost Best for Budget Hosting?

Justhost Budget Web Hosting

Justhost is a premiere web host that targets web developers who are budget conscious. When looking for budget prices for web hosts, Justhost hosting has definitely distinguished itself above the competition. With plan pricing beginning at $4.45 per month, and unlimited being the standard limit for most of the key features, Justhost presents an incredible value in addition to offering an extraordinary service.

Justhost is an ideal solution for emerging companies and small businesses which have a desire to launch an online presence. Beyond the basics, however, users find a strong hosting service that provides a solid enough service to keep websites running well beyond the initial planning stage and allows online ventures to “grow” along with websites, all the while meeting growing demands.

Justhost Features

Featuring unlimited storage space, email addresses, unlimited file transfers, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited MySQL Databases, yet keeping costs low, it’s obvious how Justhost maintains its place as the best budget hosting provider in the industry. The web host also features an amazing money back guarantee, a no-risk option so users will not be disappointed with their choice of budget hosting. In addition to unlimited features, Justhost offers quality services and provides excellent customer support.

Justhost is also a great solution for ecommerce sites also as it allows support for PayPal. Additionally, it offers OS commerce shopping cart and Agora shopping cart as standard options available to all users. Merchant account support is also available, making Justhost an even better value.

Another of Justhost’s incredible attributes is its flexibility. Allowing the web designer to use Dreamweaver is one of the little things that makes this web host so user friendly. Justhost also supports the most popular scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Java, and even Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and many others which assure developers the ability to create websites which contain elements of personal creativity, and not be stuck with the same old site builder software offered as standards among many other budget web hosts.


Justhost fosters inspiration and vision to take a front row seat to the planning and implementation of website ventures while remaining conscious of allocated thrifty budgets. Justhost encourages innovation through all stages of planning and design of implementing a strong web presence.

Justhost’s core features included in the host’s budget plan includes unlimited space and bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, cPanel hosting with 24/7 technical support and unlimited e-mail and database support.

Justhost is an incredible value among all of the different hosting services available in today’s budget hosting industry. Most budget hosting solutions are designed with the beginner in mind; however, Justhost is a perfect solution for anyone with the need or desire to create an online web presence. And with the anytime money back guarantee, customers can rest assured that they will be satisfied with the services provided or receive a full refund.

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