Why is Inmotion the Best VPS Hosting?

Inmotion VPS Hosting

When choosing the appropriate web hosting provider, developers often feel transposed into a Goldilocks’ scenario narrowing down the options. Hosting needs for mid-size and larger ventures tend to far exceed shared web hosting solutions, yet don’t require an exclusive dedicated server.

Fortunately for many business website owners, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the ideal solution to accommodate a wide range of hosting needs to fit any budget. InMotion Hosting, established in 2001, remains one of the best VPS hosts currently available to support an array of VPS hosting needs.

InMotion Hosting Features

InMotion Hosting offers customers many attractive features and services including free VPS hosting setup, 99.9% network uptime, 90 day money back guarantee, dedicated IP address, individual firewall, SSH access, unlimited parked or add-on domains, and a selection of VPS hosting plans accommodating a wide range of hosting needs. The web host also takes pride in providing excellent customer service to immediately address and resolve technical issues as soon as they arise.

Two exclusive features offered by InMotion Hosting that customers truly appreciate include burstable memory and a choice of data centers for optimal hosting performance. Burstable memory allows customers to use free memory on the server once the entire amount of guaranteed memory is utilized. Each of the host’s three plans includes burstable memory, depending on individual hosting and memory preferences. The web host also provides access to multiple data centers so customers can choose a center close in physical proximity to enhance the speed of data transfers and other hosting services.

InMotion Hosting’s VPS Plans

InMotion Hosting offers users a plethora of features to support VPS delivered in three popular hosting plans: the 256M package available for $39.95/month which includes 256 MB of dedicated memory, 1GB of burstable memory, 500 GB of premium transfer, 40 GB of RAID 10 Fault Tolerant disk space, 2 dedicated IP addresses, free cPanel and unlimited domains. The 512M plan is considered the best value starting at $74.95/month and includes 512 MB of dedicated memory, 2 GB of burstable memory, 1000 GB of premium transfer, 80 GB of RAID 10 Fault Tolerant disk space, 5 dedicated IP addresses, free cPanel and unlimited domains. The premium 1024M plan includes 1024 MB of dedicated memory, 3 GB of burstable memory, 1500 GB of premium transfer, 160 GB of RAID 10 Fault Tolerant disk space, 10 dedicated IP addresses as well as unlimited domains and free cPanel access.


InMotion Hosting is considered the best VPS web hosting provider in the industry for several reasons. The host continues to deliver reliable and robust VPS hosting platforms at competitive prices, backed with no-risk guarantees. The selection of hosting packages allow customers to choose the best VPS plan that accommodates their individual hosting needs on any budget. Furthermore, the web host offers access to multiple data centers to ensure speed and network uptime for customers around the world.

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