Why is Hostgator the Best for Multiple Domain Hosting?

Hostgator and Multiple Domain Hosting

While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Hostgator, perhaps a little less known fact about the web hosting provider is that it’s one of the best in the industry for multiple domain hosting. In addition to being a certified Green Business, the host delivers eco-friendly services and provides excellent customer service.

Hostgator is also among the elite hosting resellers as well as a favorite shared hosting platform. Many users, however, opt for Hostgator’s services for the simple convenience of hosting multiple domains on a single hosting account.

What You Should Know

Once signing up for a Hostgator account, setting up a domain is quick and easy. The first step is defining a primary domain in order for the host to establish a primary DNS server. Upon successful completion, users are granted access to cPanel to manage domain accounts. By logging into the control panel and accessing the file manager, users may then setup individual folders to manage separate domains.

When labeling multiple domain folders, users discover that using specific domain names work best as folder labels for convenient organization of files such as photos, websites templates and other important files. cPanel allows users to map individual folders to multiple domain icons. Other necessary tasks required before launching a fully functional site may also include installing a shopping cart, CMS to manage data, Fantastico, or blogging app.

The Pros of Hosting Multiple Domains

The greatest advantage of hosting multiple domains with a single Hostgator account is obviously cost-savings. Instead of shelling out money for numerous hosting accounts and other monthly services fees, Hostgator allows users to manage multiple domains at relatively affordable prices.

While Hostgator does offer two popular plans that both support multiple domain hosting, it’s important to note that the cheapest package, the Hatchling Plan ($3.96/month for a 3 year agreement) does not offer multiple domain hosting.

The Baby Plan offers unlimited domains, disk space, and bandwidth including a shared SSL Certificate for $6.36/month (3 year agreement). For larger ventures, the Business Plan provides the same unlimited features, plus free private SSL and IP, and free toll-free number starting at $10.36/month (3 year agreement).

Managing multiple domains including a blog, forum or e-commerce venture is quick and easy by simply accessing a single point of control over each separate domain. Another plus for managing several domains under one account is the elimination of keeping track of multiple unique usernames and passwords in order to access each separate domain.

The Cons of Multiple Domain Hosting

Although there are many perks of registering a Hostgator account to take advantage of hosting multiple domains, there are also some note-worthy disadvantages. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage of relying on a single web host for supporting multiple domains is that if the server goes down for one website, chances are very likely the other domains will be offline as well. While for smaller website ventures, typically downtime isn’t a serious issue; however for e-commerce sites with heavy traffic, just a few hours offline means a loss of profits. Other cons to be aware of include issues arising from shared IP addresses and SSL certificates.


To combat the potential disadvantages of multiple domain hosting, Hostgator offers users a 99.9% uptime guarantee to thwart downtime. Additionally, the host provides a free private SSL and IP in the Business plan. Hostgator is a reliable web hosting provider available at competitive prices, especially with two plans loaded with unlimited features including multiple domain hosting.

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