Why is Fatcow Best for Photography Hosting?

Fatcow Photography Web Hosting

FatCow is a quirky and affordable web hosting provider offering a vast supply of unlimited features and services that makes it one of the best in the industry for photography hosting. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, combined with a free website builder, script barn and application installation wizards allow users to support impressive photo galleries to share with perspective clients. In addition to offering customers a plethora of valuable website building tools and resources, FatCow is eco-friendly and 100% wind-powered.

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited disk space is considered the backbone of photography hosting. It’s imperative to choose a web host that provides unlimited storage space when opting for the best host to support photo galleries as well as photographic templates. Whether professional photographers are looking for a web host to showcase portfolios or a novice snapping pictures on the weekends to share online with family and friends, securing a host that offers unlimited disk space is essential for delivering the resources necessary to support huge file storage of .jpegs, .bmps, and other large files.

FatCow is an unparalleled in comparison to other web hosts offering unlimited disk space for an affordable price of $4.67/month, or $56/year. The cost-efficient host accommodates even the smallest of budgets, allowing users to launch a web presence beyond imagination with the capacity to store literally thousands of high resolution photographs to showcase artistic talents and vivid portfolios.
Unlimited Bandwidth

FatCow not only delivers unlimited storage space, but the web host also provides unlimited bandwidth. It’s obvious that unlimited storage space is useless if web visitors can’t connect to the website or view the content. Therefore, it’s vital to opt for a web host that offers unlimited bandwidth. Due to the fact that photography websites demand huge amounts of bandwidth for multiple users to download photographs simultaneously, an unlimited transfer rate means the difference between crashing a server and supporting massive bandwidth transfer rates.


FatCow is one of the best values currently available when opting for a dependable and affordable photography hosting provider. The Original FatCow Plan offers customers everything needed to launch and maintain personal and small business hosting for only $56/year. The plan includes unlimited storage space, bandwidth, user-friendly site creation tools, blogs and forums, open-source app wizards, free marketing credits and ShopSite e-store builder.

FatCow also offers a Minimoo plan offering customers just the basics to manage a website. The plan includes 1 e-mail account, e-mail forwarding and auto-responders, newsletter management and coming soon page for $5/year. Although the Minimoo plan isn’t recommended for a fully functional photography website, it’s the perfect solution for introducing a new company as well as supporting an impressive web presence advertising products or services.


FatCow is a leading contender when searching for a reputable and affordable web hosting provider that has the ability to support photography hosting. Users appreciate unlimited disk storage space and bandwidth rates to handle massive transfers of pictures and other large files. A leader in the web hosting industry, FatCow continues to deliver dependable services for both individual and small business photography hosting needs, affordable on any budget.

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