Why is Bluehost is Best for Unix Hosting?

Bluehost and Unix Hosting

Bluehost is considered one of the most reliable and successful web hosting providers in the industry, especially when delivering Unix hosting at competitive prices. Founded in 1996, the host continues to deliver superb quality web hosting services to over1 million domains as the company has witnessed the rise and fall of many of its competitors struggling in a ruthless and dynamic industry.

Bluehost Features and Services

Bluehost contributes much of its’ continued success based on the fact the host offers customers a comprehensive hosting plan for an affordable $4.95 per month, a discounted rate from their $6.95 regular price point. The plan includes everything needed to launch and maintain an online venture. The all-you-need package offers unlimited domains, (manageable under a single Bluehost user account) FTP access, hosting space, file transfer, and e-mail accounts. Other features include access to the fully-loaded cPanel, web-based file manager, and a user-friendly Page Wizard to assist beginners learning the ropes.

The web host also offers a plethora of features to support blogs and e-commerce sites including easy 1-click free script installations for popular blogging programs such as WordPress, Joomla,and Drupal. Online merchants also take advantage of Zen Shopping Cart, OS Commerce Shopping Cart, phpBB, and Roundcube, with over 50 other available software programs to enhance e-commerce sites.

Customers are also granted privileged access to the Bluehost Advantage VPS Protection at shared hosting prices. As an added perk, potential customers have the ability to “test drive” cPanel and other widely-used Bluehost tools before making the final decision to entrust Bluehost with supporting online business endeavors. Furthermore, customers may try the web host with a no-risk anytime money back guarantee.

Unix Hosting

Many customers choose Bluehost because the host provides Unix hosting free, with no hidden fees. The secure and convenient shell access allows users to enter text commands to perform daily tasks such as creating and editing files, changing ownership and permissions, password protecting files, deleting files, renaming and listing files, and transferring between multiple hosts or directories.
While novice developers may not be huge fans of Unix platforms, more experienced and seasoned developers truly appreciate the secure shell access for fine tuning or to simplify other required configuration.

Customer Support

Bluehost ranks high when it comes to delivering quality customer support. Users have 24/7/365 access to professional and award-winning customer support via e-mail, phone and online chat support available as well as a vast supply of online resources readily available to serve as reference material when troubleshooting technical issues.

Bluehost goes the extra mile to keep on top of customer support as users are allowed to create trouble ticket to resolve issues. Furthermore, the average time spent on hold while seeking assistance from customer support representatives is under 30 seconds.


Delivering reliable web hosting services at impressive connection speeds topping 2GB per second, the OC-48 backbone connection makes Bluehost a force to be reckoned with leading into the 21st century where bigger and faster is no longer an option, but essential for continued success in a competitive global market.

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