Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

#1 Inmotion


Since its inception in 2001, InMotion has worked hard to become the hardest-working web host in the business, and by looking at their growing client base and award recognition, they have been quite successful.

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Not only do clients join and stick with InMotion, but so do their employees. The company is employee-owned and is staffed with employees with an average of 4 years of hosting experience, and senior staff with an average of 10 years industry experience. The company believes in “Leading Edge Hosting Technology,” and have designed one of the most effective technology delivery systems in the industry. With two strategic data centers located on both coasts of the U.S., and a unique server configuration, they provide complete reliability for their clients. Their goal: 100% satisfaction backed by a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Not only are clients happy with InMotion, but so are the judges. InMotion has received numerous awards and recognition for their service. They have received the prestigious 3 out of 3 star certification rating from CNET, the industry’s leading technology consumer rating group. They also are an accredited business with the BBB with a “B” rating, showing that they do care about and respond to customer complaints and concerns.

InMotion wants to exceed customer needs. With their special blend of experienced workers, unique configuration of top technology, and 24 hour support, all backed with a complete reliability and money back guarantee, InMotion does just that.

For a limited time, you can take advantage of the InMotion hosting system for just $5.95 per month on their Business Class web hosting.

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#2 Fatcow


In 1998 a bunch of internet experts got together to form a plan: provide a simple hosting plan with “no bull.” That meant designing web hosting for the masses that was simple yet packed with features, and serve it with a friendly approach that customers would appreciate.

That was the plan, and it has worked exceedingly well so far. The down-to-earth folks at FatCow continue to provide dedicated “old-fashioned service” that has the best value to their customers.

Their hosting plan is simple, yet one of the best available for any small to medium sized business website, and all for an affordable price of just $66 per year. Their dedication to customers is not just in their hosting plan – it’s in the way they use resources, too. As an environmentally conscious company, FatCow has pledged to utilize 100% clean energy through the purchase of alternative energy certificates. That helps them also appeal to customers who are environmentally conscious, and provide them with the badge to proudly display on their own websites that they are hosted by 100% wind energy.

You can bet that wind energy goes to good use in their data centers located in Boston, MA. Their solid network architecture is configured with dual-redundant routers so the service is reliable.

Ultimately it’s about serving the customer. Their customer service is available 24 hours a day. Call them day or night and pose your questions or problems. Or simply find an answer online in their helpful knowledgebase.

As a current promotion to their customers, you can receive 25% off their regular yearly rate of $88 and pay only $66 per year. That’s just $5.50 per month if you act today!

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#3 BlueHost


In 1996 web hosting for the masses was still in its infancy. People were greatly intrigued with this new “internet.” Slowly but surely businesses found that they could get great cheap brochure-style advertising and publicity with a simple website. BlueHost was around then to see that companies received what they needed in a web host, and provided assurance that domain registration was easy.

BlueHost made it through the troublesome dot-com boom and bust of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and a decade later they are still a major powerhouse in the web hosting industry. Currently they host millions of domains and websites, and grow at a dizzying 20,000 customers per month.

Their mission is simple: to provide quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals. They accomplish this through a combination of knowledgeable people who take care of their customers, world-class technology in a datacenter owned by the company, and a simple plan that is attractive to most any small to medium sized business.

They want their clients to succeed, and to help them they offer extra services such as domain registration, website building tools, and even free marketing credits to use with major search engines and social media sites.

BlueHost is an experienced veteran in the web hosting industry and worthy of their rank in our top ten hosting companies. Take a look at our detailed review and see for yourself why BlueHost may be right for your website.

Now get BlueHost at a single price of just $6.95 per month, even if your requirements are as little as 12 months, BlueHost is offering their tremendous hosting for only $6.95/M $5.95!

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#4 WebhostingPad


WebhostingPad started in the web hosting industry in 2005 when a team of experienced and innovative web host professionals got together with the intention of providing the best value in the web hosting industry. They have since succeeded in bringing the absolute lowest price on the market for web hosting. For just $1.99 per month you can have one of the best web hosting plans availalbe. But don’t let the “cheap” price fool you. Their plan is packed with extraordinary features that will make any small to medium sized business owner drool.

WebhostingPad has been quite successful as a growing web host, evidenced by over 150,000 domains hosted. They offer a lot of enticing extras as part of their package, including a $200 value in marketing credits for promoting a website with online listing services, search engines, and social media sites. They also provide a free website building tool to get a professional-looking site on the web in just minutes. Those businesses who want to get sales going on the web should look no further. WebhostingPad offers a choice of free online shopping cart software as well as support for merchant accounts.

The WebhostingPad service is also guaranteed. They promise to keep client sites up 99.9% of the time, and give a 30-day money back guarantee so clients can try the service for a month.

Their support is award winning, and their service has garnered a CNET Certified Store. With the excellent plan and technology used by WebhostingPad, you can’t go wrong with the most affordable web hosting available.

What was once a great deal on professional web hosting is now an unpassable deal! Act today and take advantage of the award winning WebhostingPad web hosting for just $1.99 per month!

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#5 JustHost


JustHost is ranked high on our charts, and deservedly so. This semi-newcomer to the web hosting industry may have just a few years under their belt, but they have proven to be a reliable host with a very affordable product.

JustHost posts a “Top Ten” page on why you should choose them for your hosting needs. And while we won’t delve into all 10, let’s explore just a few of the best reasons.

Free Domain

All new accounts come with a free domain registration. That may seem like a small benefit, but a web host that helps with domain registration, and pays for it, is a worthy host indeed.


JustHost provides two very important guarantees. First, they offer an “anytime” money back guarantee. That means if a year down the road you are unsatisfied, they will happily refund the balance of the term you paid for. That is an unprecedented guarantee in the hosting industry.

Second, they offer a real 99.99% uptime guarantee. They don’t just promise uptime – they will refund any monthly fee if they don’t meet their 99.99% uptime promise in that month.


Easy account control is important. Especially for those website owners who are not certified computer “geeks.” CPanel allows absolute control over all account functions in a very user-friendly environment.

While these are just a few reasons, JustHost is definitely worthy of your consideration. Their price is hard to beat and the plans are filled with features that any business can use.

Sign up now and get half off the regular price of $6.95 per month and pay only $3.75 per month!

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#6 HostMonster


Where can you get high-powered web hosting service for a low price? HostMonster wants to be your hosting service company and that is just what they want to deliver – high-powered web hosting at a fraction of the cost.

Web hosting was at one time a service that was affordable only to the most organized businesses. Budgets were required to set aside the high costs of hosting services, and a full business and marketing plan was necessary to assure that the investment was worthwhile.

However, in 1996 when HostMonster began doing internet services they came up with a plan that made it easier for business owners to get their share of the World Wide Web. They wanted to make it easy and affordable.

Since 1996 HostMonster has grown into a veritable monster of a hosting company, with over 750,000 websites on the books. They have designed a single hosting plan that contains all the “unlimited” features a small or medium sized business would need, and packaged it into a plan that costs less than $100 per year.

HostMonster strives for excellent customer service with a full 24 hour technical support staff ready and available to answer client calls any time of day. They also provide excellent online tools for clients to manage their websites through cPanel control panel and a helpful knowledgebase full of articles. They choose only the highest quality equipment and back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

HostMonster clients get a real value for hosting service, and that is why we have picked them as #6 on our top ten list of web hosts.

Right now you can enjoy a special promotion from HostMonster. Get their unlimited hosting plan for only $5.95 per month from the regular price of $6.95 per month.

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#7 AwardSpaces


Not all of our top ten web hosts are based in the US. AwardSpace is a Germany-based company that has been in the industry for years and has at last count over 1 million websites on the books.

What makes these guys so special? It starts with their world-class data center in Kiel, Germany. This high-tech center is well-known as one of the main connecting backbones of the internet between the North America and Europe. This fiber optic network of clustered servers wrote the textbook on redundant server farms that are both highly efficient and cost effective.

Speaking of efficient, AwardSpace is not only committed to serving their customers, but also the environment. They are fully 100% carbon-neutral through the purchase of wind energy to power their servers. That takes a lot of moxie to assure that that their tech center is both efficient, reliable, and good to the environment.

AwardSpace transfers their confidence in their system through their client guarantees. They guarantee that websites will stay up and online 99.9% of the time. They also guarantee their web service and plans with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If the above isn’t enough, AwardSpace is there when you outgrow your web resources. They also offer VPS server plans as well so your business can expand along with your website needs. VPS helps give you more control and take advantage of more powerful processing speeds. All for a price starting at $16.50 per month.

Act now and take advantage of the AwardSpace Max Pack Plus hosting plan with a full range of unlimited features and scripting support for the special price of just 4.29 Euro per month.

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#8 iPage


In 1998 iPage opened its metaphorical doors to the public to offer affordable web hosting without all the confusion of multiple levels of hosting plans. Instead, iPage designed a single hosting plan that was suitable to practically every size website whether it be personal, small business, or medium sized business.

iPage found a niche in the web hosting industry that successfully passed the dot-com boom and bust of the early 21st century. Not only did they survive, they thrived. Now they server over 1 million hosted websites, and over 1.5 million domains under management. They server customers in 150 countries and have 6 worldwide locations, and more than 25 brands around the world to server practically any web customer anywhere.

Their plan is thorough, and includes unlimited amounts of all the necessities such as bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, and MySQL databases. They have plenty of support for all the extra “bells and whistles” as well so web designers can have freedom with their designs.

iPage also has made recent efforts to contain the amount of fossil fuels they consume with their server energy. They have committed to buying 100% of their energy through Renewable Energy Certificates to promote wind generated electricity. That means they help save tons of carbon emissions from entering the environment, and all clients are eligible for a free “Green” badge to proudly display on their own websites.

iPage is committed to helping their customers and the environment at the best price. If you’re looking for great hosting with reliable technology and great support, look no further than iPage.

Right now you can save almost half of the regular cost of web hosting. iPage is now offering their all-inclusive hosting plan for just $3.50 per month. Get started today!

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#9 SiteCloud


People today are more aware that with shared hosting you are sharing server space with many clients. Thus, web hosting companies have been looking for a way to improve upon this model to better service their clients. Improvements have been made in efficiency and networking. However, recently a new type of server configuration called “cloud” computing has evolved.

Cloud technology is a simple concept: load balancers distribute website requests and traffic to the fastest available web server, who in turn access and fulfill the correct website files for the request. Web servers are “clustered” so that they operate more efficiently side-by-side. This type of technology is what is used by SiteCloud, a new type of web hosting company.

SiteCloud is a newcomer to the web hosting game, but already they are considered a major player in the industry. Their server technology is the most reliable on the market and while one would expect to pay more for such technology, SiteCloud charges hosting fees below average compared to the top hosts in the industry.

Indeed, SiteCloud is the recipient of numerous awards and is so confident in their service that they back it up with a 30 day money back guarantee, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can bet that by using SiteCloud you’ll get a valuable plan as well with lots of features that would make any web developer drool.

Order now and you can get SiteCloud’s amazing web server technology for just $4.95 per month with no hidden fees, quick activation, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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#10 HostGator


HostGator is among our top ten web hosts and is considered a leader among the global web hosting market. Who could guess that this industry giant had humble roots in a college student’s basement less than ten years ago?

But that’s exactly what happened. HostGator founder, Brent Oxley, was a student at Florida Atlantic University and simply wanted to provide cheap shared-server hosting for friends and acquaintances, and to make a buck. Well his little project grew and grew and now hosts over 4 million domains, has over 225,000 customers on the books, and has over 7,000 top-quality web servers under management.

The company doesn’t stop at simply providing web hosting. They strive to improve their customer support and have recently published a survey that shows how 90% of their clients are satisfied with the service HostGator provides.

Recently HostGator took a stand to improve energy efficiency and promote carbon neutrality. Indeed, 7,000 servers use up a lot of electricity and generate an abundance of heat. Thus, they not only worked to improve server operations by 36%, but they also now purchase 130% of their energy through alternative sources such as wind generation. That says a lot about a company who has a “Gator” as their mascot, and it says a lot about a company who cares about how it affects the environment.

HostGator is a solid company worthy of your consideration. They are an award-winning company, a BBB accredited business, and in our opinion, an excellent value for most any personal, small business, or medium sized business website.

If you sign up now you can enjoy the feature-rich shared-server hosting that HostGator provides starting at just $4.95/M $3.96 per month.

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