StartLogic Review

Startlogic Review

StartLogic is not one of those web hosts that you see on many “top 10” lists, but if you were to see their web hosting plans you might scratch your head and ask why not. StartLogic has over 100,000 web hosting customers on the books and continues to grow.

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And it’s not just about the hosting plans. It’s about the extras. StartLogic has a comprehensive list of extra services that we’ve highlighted below that makes this host stand apart from most of the rest.

Technology That Makes it Happen

StartLogic uses two highly advanced data centers out of Boston, MA. The server area is a pooled environment that utilizes redundant routing technology to ensure that website requests are never left waiting. Each server “pool” is assigned specific tasks such as FTP, mail, or web requests so requests for each are ultimately faster.

Loaded Plans

You can choose the plan you wish to use with StartLogic. Plans start with the “PersonalLogic” with limited but generous disk space and bandwidth for just $3.95 per month. Their “ProLogic” plan is $5.95 per month and comes with unlimited bandwidth and space. And finally they offer a “WindowsLogic” plan for just $8.95 per month that uses Windows 2003 Server technology and comes with added
Windows platform support.

Each plan comes with website building tools, support for scripting, and multimedia support. The Pro and Windows plans come with free eCommerce solutions as well, plus site statistics tools included.

Free Promotional Marketing

All but the Personal plan come with free marketing tools to get your new or existing website promoted on popular social media and search engines. You get $75 for Google Adwords, plus $50 credit to use on Facebook, and $25 for marketing on Yahoo! And Bing.

Additional Products

It’s not just the plan that makes a web host stand above the rest, it’s also the extras. StartLogic provides a list of extras that can help any business website succeed on the web. They include services for site backup and restore, SSL certificates, professional SEO services, web management services, and eCommerce services that makes accepting credit cards on your website a breeze.

StartLogic even offers email services for Microsoft Exchange email and even for Exchange Mobile services for your smartphone devices.

No Questions Asked Guarantee

It is important for you to feel you are getting your money’s worth. And if you don’t StartLogic allows you to simply ask for a full refund within your first month with no questions asked. In addition, StartLogic provides all customers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and stakes their reputation on it.

Clear Conclusion

Whether you use Windows platform for your website, want to establish a new eCommerce website, or just get your personal web log on the blogosphere, StartLogic has a plan for you. Their long list of extra features are a winning combination for online businesses to utilize for success. StartLogic is clearly a web host for practically anyone.

Sign up with StartLogic today and take advantage of $50 Facebook ad credit, $75 Google credit, $25 Yahoo+Bing credits and more. ALso, if you already have an existing website, you can take advantage of the StartLogic “Pro” plan and switch over to their services for only $4.95 per month (regular $5.95 per month).

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