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What is the criteria used by Getbestwebhosting.com to define the best hosting company

Here at Getbestwebhosting.com our goal is to bring you the best web hosting choices for the needs of small businesses, established businesses, businesses with unique needs, and of course, even the average Joe wanting to place a personal or blog site on the ‘net.’

But how do we choose and evaluate the hosting sites here at Getbestwebhosting.com? We are proud to say that we use a multi-level evaluation system that leaves no question unanswered. We utilize a wide variety of strategies to find the web hosts that matter, and boil down the main features of each to find out which ones work the best for your type of need.


Of course the web hosts found on this review site are all thoroughly researched. If a web hosting company crosses our radar, we take the time and effort to find out the details of that company including:

  • History – How long has the company been in business? Is it experienced or a newbie to the industry?
  • Management and staff – Who founded the company? Who directs it now? How experienced and trained are the technical staff?
  • Technology – Does the web host own and operate their own data center? What equipment does it use? Does it operate efficiently and with power backup?
  • Hosting features – What kind of hosting plans does the company offer? What features are included, and is it worth the price?
  • Extras – Does the web host offer extra services and products to help a growing business website?

Reputation Assessments

We also take a close look at how the web hosting company relates within the industry. We look at how frequently the company gets reviewed on other evaluation websites. And we take a look at awards and ratings received and earned from other reputable firms such as CNET and the Better Business Bureau.

Personal Experience

Of course, our evaluators take into account their own personal experience within the industry, and with a specific web host being evaluated if it applies. Personal experience provides insight into the workings of how a web host should operate.


Public forums provide a wealth of additional insight as to how the web host stands with current and past clients. While we know not every comment has merit, we can spot trends such as the effectiveness of customer support, the value of guarantees, and more through online forums.

User Opinions and Feedback

Not only do our evaluators give their opinion, but we take the opinion of the average web host client into consideration as well. We welcome feedback and opinions on our website. Tell us what you think of a web host, their features, people, and overall value.

We think it is important to give you a well-rounded view of a web hosting company. And we take every effort we fell is necessary to give you the big picture and the little details within it.

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