Joomla Or Drupal, Which Is The Best CMS?

Joomla or Drupal

Whenever there are two options in any area of service, product or whatever you’ll get the duality conflict and the same goes for the CMS options out here. This is the case with such options as which is the best CMS, Joomla or Drupal?

First of all both are open source CMS or Content Management System which is used by webmasters and engineers to manage content on the web and with intranets and with Model View Controller or MVC Web application framework.

What determines which is the best CMS depends on the user. Both are fine CMSes and it’s really just a matter of preference. The heavy duty user will go for Drupal as it can afford to handle the amount of muscle necessary for managing the content and usage required. The geek in the user thrills with Drupal and with Joomla know full well the demands of today’s websites and databases require the kind of detailed management that can either make or break a website or company. Some web specialists love to get down and dirty into the most miniscule details about content management and that’s why they’ll choose Drupal. The less geeky will pick Joomla because they want to get their systems up and running and get that straight and direct approach to application.

With today’s web technologies and demands on the types of content a CMS that does the job fully is what’s required. We’re not talking just the use of HTML or Java or CSS, we’re talking websites that today include monster sized animation, video in HD, online video games that rival console games in quality and social expanse, social networking, message boards, advanced interactive video chatrooms and more. The CMS you choose had better be both solid and versatile enough to allow for the development of solutions that are standard and room enough for the heavy duty content and for what’s about to come out.

It really depends on the developer and manager. They either know what they’re doing or they don’t. Picking a big muscle CMS like Drupal doesn’t mean you’ll have the best results. Some people do that mistake and then come to find ut they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. The smart thing to do is to start off with the lighter CMS, Joomla and work up from there. If you’re good at management then you go with Drupal but just because it’s open source doesn’t mean it is going to be easy on you, however, you can tweak it to your specifications like a race car driver can modify a car for the utmost performance. It’s not a wise idea to try to take on Drupal if you haven’t checked out Joomla first. You need to realize that both are fine CMSes but call for difference scales of comprehension as to what both are, where they come from, what they can do and what they may need to do should some new web or intranet technologies.

There’s no telling what the big brain computer pros or entrepreneurs are going to come out with next nor what demands they’ll make on those who have a CMS to handle. The competitiveness of today’s websites that engage in as much multimedia as possible to the point of almost scaring people away can call for a major overhaul of content when a new piece of web technologies debuts. Just look at what happened when streaming video became more available. It was a scramble to update sites to handle the demand and then when social networking expanded even more effort to take advantage of this occurred.

So all in all this debate is just a matter of preferences depending on the challenges ahead and at present and with a little study you’ll realize which CMS is for you.

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