IX Web Hosting Review

IX Web Hosting Review

It’s not often you see a web hosting company that has been around since the “dawn” of the internet age. IX Web Hosting is one of those firms who has seen the evolution of the internet, the dot-com boom and bust era, and survived long enough to become a leader in quality web hosting. But since 1999 that’s exactly what IX Web Hosting has done.

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This little company now has over 500,000 web sites under management. And the executives at IX Web Hosting believe that their experience, personal support, cutting edge technology, and guaranteed backup are the way to entice your business.

Types of Hosting Available

Web hosting is not a simple cookie cutter enterprise. Each hosting company has to find some niche or preferential selling point that drives customers to their brand rather than the other guys. And at IX Web Hosting you get plenty of choices.

  • Shared Hosting – At IX Web Hosting you can get shared hosting at a very affordable price. Monthly rates start at just $3.95 per month and range up to $7.95 per month for “unlimited” basic features.
  • Cloud Hosting – Cloud computing technology has proven over the years that this type of configuration is the most reliable and most advanced web hosting system available. Cloud hosting offer you not only stability, but flexibility in how much you pay and use for your growing business web site. Cloud plans range from $99.99 per month to $424 per month depending on the system and platforms you choose.
  • VPS – Virtual Private Server hosting has been established as a very affordable way for small businesses to get dedicated hosting features nearer to shared hosting prices. Ranging from $29.95 per month to $89.95 per month, clients can get a piece of a server to call their own home, and get all the expanded features like extra processing, RAM, storage, and bandwidth you just can’t get with shared hosting.

Dedicated Support

IX Web Hosting knows that your web hosting experience doesn’t stop at the checkout. Throughout your term as a client you get “heroic” support. They have teams that are available to you around the clock, 24 hours a day. And to make the deal even sweeter, every client gets a “dedicated” experienced support person that is assigned to their account. That means you can contact the same person about your account directly with any questions you have or problems you need solved. You’ll get their email, phone, Twitter and Facebook accounts, blog, and even Skype contact so you have access to them with your important issues.

But aside from hero support, IX Web Hosting also provides online help where you can find articles, tutorials, blog posts, and other helpful online support.

Guaranteed Technology

IX Web Host houses their own Tier 3 redundant data center to house your web site. That means they are set up with plenty of backup servers, switches, and routers to manage incoming web site requests, all managed by their own qualified administrators. As well, they have backup power so you can be sure your website is always up, even during a local power outage.

And this technology is guaranteed. You get the IX Web Hosting 99.9% uptime guarantee, promising you that your site will stay online with practically no downtime.

If you want a web host that is trusted, reliable, and safe, take a look at IX Web Hosting. You’ll get your money’s worth, and a whole lot more.

As a special promotion, you can get the quality IX Web Hosting plans starting at just $3.95/mo for the Expert plan, (was $6.95), $7.95/mo for the Business plan (was $9.95), and also just $7.95/mo for the Unlimited plan (was $12.95).

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