Is Webhostingpad the Best Cheap Hosting for $1.99?

Is Webhostingpad worth $1.99?

At first glance, it may seem as though Webhostingpad’s listed monthly web hosting pricing structure is an obvious typo, however, for many satisfied customers, it’s arguable the best cheap web host currently available leading the industry with a plethora of free and unlimited features backed by no-risk guarantees.

Customer Satisfaction

In a fast-paced global economy, it’s essential to secure a web host that not only delivers reliable hosting service, but also offers guarantees if customers are not completely satisfied. Established in 2005, Webhostingpad continues to grow by leaps and bounds with currently well over 100,000 hosted domains. With a 30-day money back guarantee, award-winning customer service, 99.9% uptime guarantee, robust hardware equipment and a high-tech data center, Webhostingpad tops the elite in the industry with a remarkably low customer turnover rate. A good reputation goes a long way, especially when opting for an unswerving web hosting provider among cut-throat competition.

Web Hosting Features

While many novice developers assume a cheap web host equates to watered-down quality of features and services; however, this is not the case when referring to Webhostingpad. The host offers a basic plan that’s loaded with bells and whistles to launch a new website or transfer a site, as well as providing the necessary tools required to maintain the daily operations with ease including unlimited bandwidth, domains, disk space, Fantastico Scripts, POP3 email, FrontPage extension support, Linux O/S, $500 free add-on features, and ready to support e-commerce ventures. The package also includes the popular control panel that many of its’ competition simply can’t, especially offered for the same value.

Control Panel

Webhostingpad leads the pack not only in customer satisfaction and dependable hosting, but also granting users access to the latest version of cPanel. The control panel is a favorite among both novice and seasoned developers. The panel comes complete with numerous add-on features including RVSiteBuilder. The website building tool is user-friendly with 24 hour toll-free phone customer support based in the United States. In addition to superior customer support, the tool is also attractive as it includes a variety of Royalty Free Images as well as Fantastico scripts and other web hosting software.

Price Value

Last, but certainty not least, is the fact that Webhostingpad is without a doubt one of the best cheap web hosts currently available with no hidden fees. Offered to customers at a competitive price of $1.99 per month (based on a bi-annual agreement), combined with the fact the price includes both hosting and domain registration, Webhostingpad can definitely hold its own in a ruthless and dynamic industry while maintaining a favorable reputation of delivering on its promises.


Although hundreds of new web hosting providers seem to appear overnight, very few are capable of leaving such a dramatic impression as that of Webhostingpad. Perhaps the longstanding word of mouth marketing strategy is the driving force and ultimate success of the best cheap host less than two bucks a month. Whether looking for a host to launch an endeavourer or transfer an existing site, Webhostingpad is the ultimate host at an incredible price.

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