Is Shared or Instant Website Builder Your Best Hosting Option?

Shared or Instant Website Builder

The billion dollar question that many website owners ask before embarking on a new website venture: If you build it, will they come? Even if you have a general idea of how you want your website to look, how do you make the conception materialize?

Building with Shared Hosting

You’ve probably been bombarded with advertisements launched by competitive shared web hosting providers screaming for your attention with pop-up ads and banner displays. There’s an abundant supply of shared hosting companies vying for your business to publish and manage websites. With seemly endless options, it’s often confusing to separate fact from fantasy.

The fact is shared hosting is a popular hosting option for many small-scale ventures. The hosting environment provides users with all of the tools necessary to build a professional website at extremely affordable rates. Basic plans include adequate disk space, bandwidth and e-mail features to manage a successful website.

Each package usually also includes a quick and easy to use website builder tool that allows users to create a fully functionally website in no time flat. The website building tool offers numerous benefits as the tools are easy and convenient to use, don’t require software downloads, do offer technical support, and save money without the need to buy webpage creators such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Once the website has been created as desired using the building tool, it’s ready to be published and go live.

Although online website builder tools make life easier, there are also some cons worth mentioning. Building tools have limited interfaces and only capable of handling simple website designs. Additionally, they are rather time consuming for novice users with limited web design experience with spare time to master the learning curve.

While shared hosting is not a complicated hosting platform, it’s still important to have basic knowledge and understanding of the web building process because users are solely responsible for web developing decisions, thus influencing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the final product.

Building with Instant Website Builder Hosting

Instant website builders is a dream come true for many website developers lacking the knowledge or resources required to devote to actually building a website. Instant builder hosting markets to a specific niche of business orientated individuals seeking a professional website designed with a couple of magic clicks of a mouse. While it’s a little more involved than waving a magic wand, it’s much quicker and more convenient way to create an impressive website rather than using the building tools included with shared hosting plans.

Users opt for instant builder hosting for several reasons. The first being lack of time necessary to devote to building and publishing a website. Instant builder hosting is something like a one-stop for web hosting services which includes buying a unique domain, utilizing a wizard and guide when developing the website, adding e-commerce features, and publishing the website fully functional to complete the first sell.

With the price of convenience comes the cost of sacrificing control. Users opting for instant builder services must compromise when it comes to having any control of their web hosting package. Consider instant builder hosting as somewhat of a cookie-cutter hosting service – the ability to personalize is very limited.

Price is also a distinguishing factor as compared to shared hosting. Generally, instant builder hosting is more expensive. While some users don‘t mind to pay extra for the added convenience, others on a tighter budget simply can’t afford the same luxury.


Shared hosting continues to be a favorite among many as it offers affordable solutions to accommodate a wide range of web hosting needs. With its unlimited features including online web building tools, users with a basic knowledge of web design shouldn’t expect to encounter major problems with designing and publishing a website opting for a shared hosting plan. For those, however, lacking the time and knowledge to apply to the web design process, and willing to pay a little more, instant website builder is the best hosting option.

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