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InMotion Hosting is a reputable web hosting provider since its establishment in 2001. The company prides itself in understanding the integral components of e-Commerce. It offers reliable web hosting services to business owners, including VPS hosting. InMotion Hosting is the ideal solution for small business owners requiring specialized features including SSH access, dedicated IP addresses, and custom firewalls. The provider also offers several unlimited features such as parked domains and separate websites. Free features include a full cPanel license and setup fee.

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Uptime and Reliability (5/5)


InMotion Hosting rates excellent in providing a 99.9% network uptime. The company addresses reliability in a three-prong approach. The first being an ultra broadband worldwide network with three individual providers that can handle over 7,500 MBits, and uses 2 extra Tier 1 providers as a backup measure in case of provider outage as well as utilizing Smart Routing. The second measure in place is redundant self-healing technology utilizing commercial-grade Dell computers and Cisco routers, RAID5 data protection and complete hot-swappable servers. The third approach is 24/7 expert monitoring by expert staff.

Price Value (4/5)


InMotion Hosting is straightforward with no hidden “gotcha” fees. The cheapest plan starts at $49.95/month, $44.95/month for semi-annual billing, and $39.95/month for annual billing. The plan includes 256MB dedicated memory, 1GB burstable memory, and 2 dedicated IP addresses. The best valued plan starts at $89.95/month, $84.95/month for semi-annual billing, and $39.95/month for annual billing. The plan includes 512MB dedicated memory and 2GB burstable memory and 5 dedicated IP addresses. The ultimate package offers 1024MB and 3GB burstable memory and 10 dedicated IP addresses priced at $169.95/month, $159.95/month for semi-annual billing and $149.95/month for annual billing.

Control Panel (5/5)


Each plan includes a free full cPanel license, making InMotion Hosting a favorite among many. Customers can try the control panel for free. Compared to competitors that charge for accessing cPanel, often at a hidden fee, InMotion Hosting ranks excellent when delivering on the control panel.

Customer Support (5/5)


As an employee-owned and operated company, InMotion Hosting strives to exceed customers’ needs when providing customer support. The company’s customer support staff has on average of 4 years experience. In addition, InMotion Hosting won the Best Business Host Award in 2010. The web host provider offers 24/7/365 support via e-mail, online chat, and phone. Customers may also take advantage of the numerous online resources such as community support, tutorials and user guides, and personalized help desk.

An exclusive InMotion Hosting feature, Max Speed Zones, allows customers to select the nearest data center location, enhancing website performance up to six times faster. InMotion Hosting definitely deserves the outstanding reputation it has received regarding customer support.

Overall Value (5/5)


InMotion Hosting, although a bit more expensive than competitors, the provider’s VPS hosting packages are well-worth the cost. The plans are straightforward offering the basic features customers demand to meet a variety of needs and budgets.

InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money back guarantee on each plan, Max Speed Zone Enabled, and goes a step beyond other web hosting services when ensuring uptime and reliability. InMotion Hosting is highly recommended as a dependable and customer-orientated web hosting provider.

InMotion VPS hosting solutions offer an affordable alternative to dedicated hosting while providing enhanced features, such as SSH access, a dedicated IP, and customized firewalls. Get started today for as low as $39.95 per month!

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