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When it comes to a web host that is completely flexible and scalable for your company, your can’t go wrong with InMotion hosting. They offer completely affordable shared-hosting packages as well as VPS and dedicated server hosting so your business will always have a hosting partner as it grows. Here’s some additional information to consider about InMotion:

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Reliability (5/5)


InMotion has set up 3 Tier 1 broadband providers for a network that gets over 7500 Mbits. Internally, their server structure is “self healing” with a redundant and swappable server configuration that makes downtime a thing of the past. All servers are commercial grade Dell computers with multiple Xeon processors and are set up through Cisco routers. And while it is rare for problems to occur, they have expert monitoring of their data centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through all this, InMotion can confidently offer complete reliability and a 99.99% uptime guarantee to back it up.

Price Value (4/5)


InMotions offers three shared-server hosting plans for personal web sites, and three plans for business class websites. The personal sites are limited in features, disk space, and amounts of bandwidth, but work great for a personal blog or other non-commercial site. Thos plans run from about $3 to $5 per month.

The business class plans range from $5.95 to $13.95 per month. All come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The difference, really, is just in the number of total MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and hosted sites. Otherwise, all business plans come with full support for email, scripting, and eCommerce.

Don’t forget that growing small businesses can expand with VPS plans starting at $39.95 per month and dedicated hosting for $199.95 per month. And with all plans, InMotion offers a completely refundable 90-day money back guarantee.

Control Panel (5/5)


InMotion brings cPanel control panel to their clients for account control. CPanel is the top-rated control panel software on the market and offers flexibility in how you may control your website. With cPanel, you can configure your desktop with drag-n-drop ease thus affording you the ability to access the controls you use most at your fingertips. View stats at a glance. Change database privileges with just a few clicks. Create new email accounts in less than a minute. InMotion even allows you to try cPanel through their demo available on their website so that you may see just how easy it is to manage an account like a pro.

Customer Support (5/5)


While pricing and reliability are important, customer service is also a big issue for many hosting clients. InMotion steps up to the plate with both 24 hour live support and online help. Clients can contact InMotion via phone, email, or online ticket 24 hours a day, every day. They even have an online forum where clients can pose questions to each other, and their online knowledgebase is thorough and complete with tutorials, guides, and articles.

Overall Value (5/5)


While InMotion isn’t the best priced on the market, that doesn’t mean they are not affordable. They are completely affordable for the small business who wants it all: reliability, support, great account control, and scalability for growth. And with a money back guarantee you can’t go wrong. Overall, InMotion gets our top pick for web hosting.

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7 thoughts on “InMotion Hosting Review

  1. I own and operating a lot of sites and half of them were loading very slow. A control panel was another issue and hard to use. I searched through online reviews for a good to excellent hosting company as a replacement and that when I was stumbled up on Inmotion. I did trial by host just one site to see how it goes. The reliable hosting with a lot features for $6.95 a month is a steal now they are $5.95 if correct). No downtime website trasnfer was another important as I was inteding to transfer a plenty of sites and need no hassle on my end. I asked them and they said it is just fine. I decided to upgrad into bigger plan “Pro” for $14.95 to make rooms for all sites I have. Tech support were top notch and transfer progress was very simple and fast. After only an hour my sites are all set. very impressed.

  2. Inmotion performance is dropped recently. The dropped price comes along with the dropped in quality. They are oversold and the support is nothing but garbage. JUST STAY AWAY!!

  3. Inmotion support is good as praised. This is my first time running websites for 3 clients and support handles every problems perfectly. Not only good support from them but reliability is top-notch. A bit pricey but fair enough. satisfied and recommended.

  4. My biggest lesson begin after very poor experiences with too cheap hosting company. Oftenly downtime and too frequent “maintenance schedule”. A website was hacked and no backup!! yes not a single backup ever made. support?? what is a support?? just forget it. They never picked up my calls and live chat is useless. (offline as always and unless you pay them extra monthly and you will get “special line” just for you). What I learned – you get what you paid.

    Now I am with inmotion for a year. they aren’t that cheapskate but as I said you get for what you paid. support is great and never missed my single calls and no downtime. at least I can sleep well for now.

  5. I have recommended all of my clients to inmotion after got excellent experiences from them. I had been with them since 2002 and only two downtimes I can think of. The uptime is far much better than many services I have used. The uptime is very good but the support is still better. They were there all the times when I need the support. They have contacted me and got the problem solved almost immediately. Really recommended.

  6. I have been with major hosting companies since 1995 and now 16 years. I have learned that good techinical support is a must for me to solve issues since I am not a technical type person. Around 8 months ago I decided to buy inmotion because they said they are offering an online technical support for 24/7. I am living in Australia but my audience targets are in california so a fast hosting based in united states is a must. The big hassle I had it to dealt with a bad support staff that knows only basic english with zero understanding of techical stuff. Inmotion is a completely differents than those garbage punk. They responded to me even a long distance call at night without any charges. I must say inmotion is the best value and I got what I wanted finally!

  7. I went through many popular hosting companies before and sometimes it’s very hard to define what the benefits or differents between each other. I must say one excellent aspect for inmotion hosting is their support, both system and staffs. Not only they are offering a top features you cannot find in other companies such as “speed zone”, but also a fast,well organized and reliable customer support that makes a huge difference. You can trust they would taken care each and every ticket you sent quickly and efficiently. Inmotion is the best hosting ever and I hope you would keep up the good work.

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