Inmotion Dedicated Server Review

InMotion Dedicated Server Review

There are a lot of long-term web hosting companies around, however, not all of them have specialized in the business of dedicated server hosting. Inmotion hosting ( has been offering dedicated server hosting since 2001 – that’s more than a decade of quality hosting for larger website owners. Inmotion has laid the groundwork and sets the example of how dedicated hosting should be served.

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How do we know? It is obvious by the number of awards and certifications they have received. Start with a 3 out of 3 stars from CNET as a Certified Service Provider – every year since 2003. They have won numerous top hosting and best dedicated hosting awards every year since 2003 as well.

So, what’s in their dedicated hosting for you? Here is what we found as top qualifiers.

Leading Edge Technology

Inmotion has its background in business technology. Ever since it was a new technology start up, Inmotion has continuously looked for the newest and best hardware and software to add to their tools.
They choose the Dell PowerEdge servers with 1 to 4 processors, 1GB to 4GB of RAM, and 2 to 8 hard drives. And all websites under 10GB are backed up for free. And while they do offer support for MySQL databases, they do not support any Microsoft databases like Access or MSSQL.

Their data center is controlled and monitored 24 hours a day by certified expert monitoring to fix problems as they happen, and keep your server up and running smoothly.

cPanel Virtual Access

Clients who use Inmotion hosting will get access to their accounts using cPanel software. CPanel is one of the best and top-rated control panels in the industry. With cPanel you can customize your controls so you have the most frequently used icons at your main disposal.

With dedicated server hosting, you have more access to downloading and maintaining the software on your server. Therefore it goes without saying that cPanel is a great choice for dedicated server clients to get the most out of their hosting experience.

Dedicated Hosting Features

What do dedicated hosting clients get with Inmotion Hosting? All clients get generous amounts of data transfer, starting at about 1500 GB per month with the “Essential” plan, and up to 2500 GB with the “Elite” plan.

All plans work with Windows, Mac, or Linux based PCs. And there are no setup fees for extra websites on your server. All plans also come with multiple IP addresses.
Plans go for $199.95 for “Essential”, $229.95 for “Advanced”, and $299.95 for the “Elite” plans.

And It’s All Guaranteed

There’s no worries because it is all guaranteed. Inmotion offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee that supports keeping your website up and running. As well, Inmotion offers a money-back guarantee anytime within 30 days of your account setup.

Inmotion has set the standard for quality dedicated server hosting. If you take our advice, you’ll give them some serious consideration for your dedicated server needs.

Inmotion offers 100% dell servers, 24 hour support and a no risk to try offer that you just can’t beat. Also, if you sign up for Inmotion right away you can take advantage of their free CPU (disk space and memory) upgrade – but only while supplies last!

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