How to Choose the Best Windows Hosting

How to Choose the Best Windows Hosting

While the great debate continues over which operating system is better when it comes to Linux and Windows, when searching for a web host you won’t regret, it’s important to know which host offers support for your preference before making a final decision. There are several things to consider when securing the best Windows hosting, from understanding the basics of web hosting to learning about available options that provide the essentials at affordable prices.

Windows Hosting Basics

As the name implies, the Windows operating system is the fundamental component of Windows Hosting. The 2008 Windows Server, released a year earlier, enhanced and harnessed the power behind Microsoft by implementing built-in web services, viritualization features including Hyper-V, restartable Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), NTFS enhancements, Network Access Protection, and improved security features such as BitLocker, a Microsoft exclusive encryption program. Although Microsoft delivers cutting-edge technology, many Windows Hosting providers have not followed suit.

What You Should Know

Finding the best Windows Host is a daunting challenge because although there’s an abundance of providers, not all are equipped with the latest version of Window hosting software because their systems have yet to be upgraded. Oftentimes, such web hosting providers offer packages at a lower price compared to competitors simply because they can’t deliver the same services at the same or more expensive prices.

When searching for the best Windows Hosting provider, compare package details carefully. Be sure to inquire if the host offers Windows hosting if it’s not listed or you simply want confirmation. Once you have several viable contenders, you can begin to narrow down your choices. The same guiding principles should apply when comparing Windows hosting providers and packages as applied to other hosting platforms. Reliability, features and services, price, customer service, security and overall value should be used as benchmarks to help you locate the optimal Windows hosting provider to accommodate your hosting demands.

Windows Hosting Options

While there are numerous Windows hosts currently available, don’t expect all of them to meet your needs at the budget you’ve allocated for web hosting. The determining factors depend upon your individual needs and resources, and there are a couple of Windows Hosting providers that are industry favorites worth checking out.

  • IX Web Hosting is one such Windows Hosting option. The host goes above and beyond the efforts of its competitors by assigning customers personal support representatives and dependable customer support. The hosting service offers a variety of plans including the Unlimited Pro Plan for an affordable $7.95 per month that includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, 15 free dedicated IPs, and a 7 day free trial.
  • is another leading Windows Hosting provider. The host’s Business package offers both Linux and Windows hosting support with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domain hosting, 5 MySQL databases, and 20 Basic Exchange e-mail accounts with 100% guaranteed network uptime operating on full redundant Cisco equipment and Dell severs starting at $9.34 a month and a 30-day money back guarantee.

These are only a couple of the many other reliable and trustworthy Windows Hosting providers; however, these companies set the standards for competitors and serve as an accurate gage of what to expect from other providers when choosing the best Windows host to manage all of your hosting needs.

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