How to Choose the Best Hosting for Your Photography Website

How to Choose Best Hosting for your Photography Website

Photographers are a creative bunch. To be successful as a photographer you need to have an eye for form, design, color, and composition. And while these qualities help make an excellent photographer, they do not always translate into one of the most important marketing tools for a photographer, a website.

Even if you know nothing about web design and hire a professional graphic artist to create your online presence, you still need to know how to choose a good web host for your website.

So what makes a good web host and what hosting elements are important for photographers? We take a look at the features we feel are important and lay them out for you below.

Maximum Storage Space

Most professional photographers have transitioned into the world of digital imaging. But even if you still use film you will want to transfer those into digital images you can present on your website. And let’s face it, quality digital photographs use up a lot of precious storage space.

Try to choose a web host that offers a generous amount of data storage space. Most of the reputable web hosts offering affordable hosting service will provide unlimited space, which is a bonus if you are wanting to upload a plethora of your images. But even if the space is not limited, look for hosts who offer at least 50GB of storage and up for a quality plan.

Unlimited Data Transfer

As mentioned, photo files take up a lot of memory, even compressed JPEG images. And every time a visitor to your website wants to see an image your host must transfer that data, also called bandwidth.

Be sure your web hosts offers plenty of data transfer. Most top web hosts do offer unlimited bandwidth as part of their business website plans. But be sure that “unlimited” also means unmetered. Some hosts will try to tell you they offer unlimited bandwidth, then shut down your site when you exceed their “guidelines”.

Multi-Media Support

If you want to include other multi-media on your photography website such as audio, presentation, or video, you must have support for these types of files. Check with your web host to be sure they offer support for all types of multi-media you may use.

Gallery Plugin Software

Many web hosts make if helpful to professional photographers by offering free photo gallery software included in the plan. These are usually 3rd party software that is installed with a few simple clicks.

Other Third-Party Software

Do you want to have a blog on your photography website? How about a forum for client discussions? Perhaps a client login area to view their portfolio? These types of third party software are available with many web hosts. Check with your host to see if they offer the extra software plugins available that make your photography website shine.

Your photography website is likely your main marketing and promotional arena. Take these important considerations to heart when you are looking for a web host to house your important business site.

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