How to Choose the Best Hosting for Your Blog

How to Choose Best Hosting for your Blog

So you have a great idea for a blog and want to publish it on the web. Many people seem to publish trough free online blog software. Some of the more popular online blog providers includes LiveJournal, Blogger, and WordPress. But if you want your blog to stand out you need your own domain, and that means finding your own web host for your blog.

How do you find the right and best web host for blogging? There are plenty of great web hosts out there, but just because one is in the “Top 10” doesn’t mean it’s right for your blog.

Here are a few important things we think you must consider before choosing your web hosting for your blog.

Blog Software Installation

If you have chosen a blog platform that allows you to have your own domain such as Blogger or WordPress, you need to find a web host that allows you to install their Content Management System (CMS).

A CMS is simply the software that allows you to post, publish, and otherwise control your blog account through your own web host. If you look closely at many popular web hosts, you will find some already have a simple plugin that installs popular blogging platforms with a single click. This saves you a lot of time and effort trying to figure out the operating system and other software components that are required to run the blog software.

Multi Media Support

Do you plan to stream video or audio through your blog? Many online bloggers not only like to write blog posts, they also publish podcasts or vodcasts for their subscribers.

If you plan to do any audio or video be sure your web host supports the type of multi media file you plan to use such as Real Audio/Video, Flash, etc.

Popular Plugins

Many of the top web hosts also offer plenty of third party software that you can simply “plugin” to use on your blog. Third party plugins might include forum software so you can get your blog subscribers involved in discussions. Or you may want to publish a photo journal through photo gallery software.

Check for these extras that can help make your blog stand apart from the rest.

A Reliable Control Panel

Controlling your blog is of major importance. Most blog owners will like to update their blog at least 3-5 times per week. That means you need to be able to easily access your blog through the control panel software provided by your web host.

Look for hosts that offer popular control panels like cPanel software, which is the most widely used and user-friendly control panel on the market. This allows you easy access and customized control of your web account, and will also easily allow access for your blog CMS.

If you want to go solo on your blog with your own domain and special features, use these considerations before you choose a web host. The right choice in your web host will result in sweet partnership that will last for years.

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