Do you really needed Prestashop for ecommerce solution?


Doing business on the web calls for solid ecommerce solutions and there are numerous companies to choose from. Your ecommerce choices can make or break your company and get you into all sorts of trouble with customers and the courts.

One of the ecommerce solutions you might wonder about is that of Pretashop. You might wonder if you really need Pretashop for your ecommerce solution and the answer is that requires a look at what you need and what this company and it’s software and services provide.

The bottom line is, ecommerce cannot have errors or mistakes. It can’t even have the opportunity for for foul ups so reliability and stability are paramount criteria. Also the integrity of the company and its support staff. Ecommerce involves working with other people, other companies, within the guidelines of the laws of commerce and of course the latest in technologies and security. Most of the battle is over as Pretashop has the bulk covered but you still need to do your due diligence to make sure the company meets the level of stability and reliability as well as adaptability to the changing face of the web.

Well just one glance at their website and you’ll find so much to peruse through that you’ll think you’re in a theme park. They have not only the ecommerce solutions you’re looking for but far more. They set up so many services that you might think it’s just hype but it isn’t. They have the basics covered and then some. They have the various payment solutions like PayPal and the Google Checkout module, outstanding extensions and addons at their own shop. Payment filtering per currency, and so much more. There’s the authorize AIM, tax management for the states, countries, and counties. Bankwire payments, payments by check, and more.

Add on to that the security and other goodies and you’re going to find they have shipping, comprehensive statistics, translations, localization and more.

The bottom line here is that Pretashop appears to have every base covered except knocking on the door of your customer’s house and having the money and services delivered.

With the expansion and challenges of today’s web, you need an ecommerce solution you can rely on 24/7, 365 days a year. Pretashop looks like it covers those concerns and more.

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