Codero Review

Codero Review

Though Codero is relatively a newcomer to the web hosting community, opening its doors in 2009, it is the offspring of almost two decades of internet and computer technology experience from As the 21st century progressed, the executives at noticed a solid need for dedicated servers and cloud server technology.

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Therefore, don’t think of Codero as a fledgling company. Its top management has over 15 years of industry experience, and a whole lot more through its parent company,

What Codero Offers

Codero is in the specialty internet hosting industry. That means they do not offer shared hosting. But with thousands of other companies doing that, why should they? Instead, Coder focuses on three main areas of high-demand hosting including dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and managed hosting.

The Green Stamp

Codero brings these two powerful internet hosting services together under a “green” umbrella. Codero is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and their environmental impact.

Confirmed by the Center for Resource Solutions, Codero manages to pull 100% of their electricity usage from wind energy farms in Iowa. Codero also is a Green Power Partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency, making them a “green” leader in their industry.

The Codero Code

Codero has developed a code of beliefs that make their brand of internet service one of the best in the industry. They take a 5-point view of doing business as follows:

Customer Orientation – Codero is dedicated to staying customer-focused.
Drive – Codero maintains that it is steadfast at overcoming obstacles.
Excellence – As any business should, Codero proves its commitment to excellence every day.
Resourcefulness – Solving problems is a daily job in the web hosting industry. Codero aims to be resourceful at problem solving.
Optimism – Codero keeps looking toward the future with bright optimism for the industry changes ahead.

Solid Infrastructure

So how does Codero maintain such excellence at the business it has chosen? It starts with brand name, industry-leading servers and other technology that includes Microsoft, Unix, Cisco, Intel, and Linux.

Their infrastructure starts at their home base in Phoenix, Arizona, where Codero owns and operates its own primary data center. But to ensure that they serve all North American customers as best they can, they have four other “points of presence” in Irvine, CA, Chicago, Denver, and Ashburn, VA.


Sure, Codero has top technology, an admirable code of beliefs, and a fine line of high-demand hosting products. But what good are they if they don’t work? That is why Codero offers a 100% uptime guarantee. On top of that Codero has around-the-clock technical support available to help when anything goes wrong. And if you choose a managed hosting account, you get even more assurance and dedicated support.

In all, Codero is a great home for any small to medium sized business needing that extra service for their web hosting.

Codero offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24 hour support, 100% green hosting, and if you act soon, you can save up to 50% on selected servers when you pre-pay up to 12 months.

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