Cloud Hosting vs. Green Hosting

Cloud vs Green Hosting

The human world as we know it has been encapsulated by the Internet. We depend in every aspect on the Internet. In professional world, with the globalization of every single small-scale industry, information is becoming a global criterion for the functional working of any organization. With the amount of information generated every day the world is shrinking in terms of sharing and exchange of information from one end of the world to the other. Even in private life, with relatives and loved ones living in different corners of the world, it is important to communicate with them regularly so that the distance of space cannot create the distance in the relationship. The various chatting and social networking sites provide us with that facility.

In terms of all the importance and the functionalities of the Internet, one thing that everyone would like is to have a high speed in their Internet connection, which would not falter and give them a continuous connection with the rest of the world. And here is where arises the dilemma to choose from the battle of Cloud hosting vs. Green hosting. The industry based on Internet is ever increasing at the rate of 400% to 1000% every year. Globally there is about $7.2 billion that has been invested in this industry. Cloud hosting vs. Green hosting- this dilemma arises from the very concern that too much of energy is probably being used for the purpose of Internet. Statistics show that if the growth of Internet continues in the pace that it has today, by 2020 the Internet will be responsible for more pollution than any other industrial or car pollution. Cloud hosting is a very popular and efficient method of Internet hosting which also enable the users with a lot of options and provides with high Internet stability. Then, why the debate of Cloud hosting or Green hosting? Besides the fact that cloud hosting is the most modern and sophisticated method of hosting, it also consumes huge amount of energy. On the other hand, green hosting may not be able to provide with the same level of comfort and efficiency as cloud hosting, but it consumes with a much lesser amount of energy.

Here arises the real dilemma. Cloud hosting and Green hosting. Which one to choose? The fact is that we do need high and stable Internet facility. But, is it worth it to cause much damage to the environment just for the high speed Internet? Human civilization will go forward with more and more technological advancement. But the environmental hazards cannot be over looked completely. It is our responsibility to cause as little damage as possible to the environment due to our advancement. So, it’s not really a debate. It is rather a choice. The balance between technology and ecological balance has to be kept and thus we should choose from Cloud hosting vs. Green hosting in accordance to our need. It is of no use to have too much if you do not have anything to do with it.

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