Best Unix Web Hosting

Best Unix Web Hosting

The UNIX operating system has long been known for its simplicity, efficiency, affordability, and compatibility. These attributes have made it a much more popular operating system for the web hosting environment than Windows, which relies heavily on Microsoft for updates and bug fixes. Hosting providers are therefore able to offer better support and prices for hosting plans that rely on the UNIX operating system. However, not all UNIX Web hosting plans are the same, and choosing from the following five companies which are known for providing the best UNIX Web hosting plans, will help you avoid any pitfalls along the way.

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#1. BlueHost


BlueHost is known for being one of the most popular shared hosting providers that heavily utilizes the UNIX operating system. The company provides web servers that are fully compatible with all aspects of UNIX and related programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, and Perl. Although BlueHost customers have the option to choose from Windows or UNIX, their UNIX hosting plans are typically more affordable, and surprisingly more reliable.

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#2. HostGator


HostGator is another hosting provider that is specifically renowned for providing affordable UNIX web hosting packages. Their plans include over 4,500 free website templates, a comprehensive website building tool, an easy to use control panel, one click script installation utilities, and a 99.9% up time guarantee. With plans starting at only $4.95/M $3.96 per month, it is easy to see why HostGator currently hosts over 4 million domains after only being in business for less than a decade.

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#3. InMotion Hosting


InMotion hosting provides a plethora of services including VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, business class hosting, and personal hosting, all of which can be hosted within the UNIX operating system. InMotion hosting provides 24-hour support, seven days per week, and is one of the few web hosting providers that owns multiple data centers. Each of their data centers is fully equipped with several ultra high-speed connections, and every web server can be equipped with the UNIX operating system if needed.

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#4. SiteCloud


SiteCloud provides UNIX Web hosting and cloud hosting environment, which utilizes a massive network of web servers to collectively power your websites. Instead of operating within server partitions like conventional hosting plans, SiteCloud pools resources from the entire network simultaneously, to completely eliminate the possibility of exhausting server resources. If you want to ensure the stability and continuity of your websites for the low price of only $4.95 per month, then SiteCloud would definitely be the most suitable solution.

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#5. AwardSpace


AwardSpace provides UNIX web hosting with full FTP access, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, and the ability to host unlimited domains. Through their user-friendly website interface you can tour their state-of-the-art data centers, which operate on a clustered platform with top of the line hardware. With plans starting at approximately $5 month, it is not surprising that AwardSpace is quickly becoming one of the top contenders as the most successful UNIX web hosting provider. With high-tech encryption technology, automatic backups, and compatibility with all major programming languages, an AwardSpace UNIX web hosting plan is perfect for any webmaster.

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