Best Reseller Web Hosting

Best Reseller Web Hosting

There comes a time when a web developer goes beyond creating a great website. He or she learns so much about building websites and hosting features that it becomes a natural transition to start selling web hosting as their own business. In fact, there are many top web hosts out there who make it easy for skilled web sales people to be successful at building their own web hosting business. How is that possible? Through reseller and affiliate programs.

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Established web hosts have built their brands so big that they have extra that can be sold off through other resellers. Who are the best resellers in the industry? We bring your three choices and the reasons we think they are the best.

#1. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks claims to be the world’s #1 Green web host. And looking at their eco-friendly initiatives it’s no wonder. They purchase 300% of their energy through wind electricity. Their “green” product can be resold through your own brand of web hosting through their excellent reseller program. They also offer 5 different tiers or levels of reseller programs starting at just $19.95 per month, up to $99.95 per month. All levels give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth accounts. With the starter or “Sprout” plan you can create up to 10 accounts using cPanel for your clients’ use. Their top tier plan, or the “Forest” plan, provides 250 accounts for you to resell on your own website. Each one of the reseller plans gives you free billing system and free migrations to help your clients transfer existing websites to their servers.

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#2. Hostgator

HostGator Reseller

There is no denying that when it comes to reseller hosting, Hostgator tikes a bike out of the competition. In fact, Hostgator has consumed a substantial amount of market share, over 5,000,000 domains to be exact. In addition to many free enhanced options, such as client management and billing software, site building tools, and an Enom domain name reseller account, Hostgator provides their resellers with flexible hosting plans. The range of hosting plans spans from $19.96 per month for their Aluminum plan, inclusive of 50 GB of disk space and 500 GB of bandwith, to $79.96 per month for their Diamond plan, inclusive of 200 GB of disk space and 1,400 GB of bandwidth. All plans come with unlimited domains, unlimited cPanels, unlimited FTP accounts and more. When you are ready to tackle the reseller web hosting market, Hostgator offers substantial value and service for their competitively priced plans.

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#3. SiteCloud


Cloud hosting is the next big thing in the web hosting industry. Cloud technology has proven to be more efficient, faster, and more reliable for delivering website requests. But cloud server technology has been too expensive for the masses and is typically only affordable to corporate clients.

However, SiteCloud has found a way to make cloud computing affordable to the average web host client with load balanced clustered server technology. And while cloud hosting is in big demand, resellers can rejoice at the SiteCloud reseller program. SiteCloud offers 5 tiers of reseller hosting, so you can choose how much you wish to pay each month to resell your own brand of cloud web hosting. For as little as $19.00 per month you get 25 Gigs of cloud storage and 250 GB of bandwidth to sell at your pleasure. Their top tier plan is $99 per month and allows 125 GB of storage and 1200 GB of sellable bandwidth.

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