Best PHP Web Hosting

Best PHP Web Hosting

Whether you’re a small business or operate a personal blog or website, sometimes you want dynamic elements included in your website that make it exiting for your visitors. And PHP is one of the most popular free scripting languages that adds tremendous dynamic elements to any website.

PHP requires code that is embedded directly into an HTML source document, which in turn is interpreted by a web server with a PHP module. That means if you want to use PHP in your website, you must have a web host that supports and encourages PHP development.

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Wth all the thousands of web hosts available, which are the best ones that also support PHP? We have put together a short list of the best PHP web hosting companies we feel are worth your consideration.

#1. FatCow


Don’t be fooled by the name. FatCow is a long-term veteran web hosting company since 1996. Their brand of web hosting includes support for both PHP versions 4 and 5, as well as PHPBB for creating the most useful and dynamic bulletin board system. FatCow also provides support for plenty of other scripting and programming languages. FatCow clients get the bonus of $125 in free marketing credits so you can promote your dynamic website Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook. And FatCow isn’t just about web hosting – they believe in energy reduction and conservation. You can bet that FatCow is committed to being “green” with wind energy purchases and eco-friendly practices.

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#2. WebhostingPad


If you want inexpensive web hosting that isn’t “cheap” quality, look no further than WebhostingPad. Their web hosting plan is just $1.99 per month with a 4-year purchase. Eeven their single year plans are less than $5 a month. WebhostingPad provides support for PHP, phpForm Generator, and PHP Nuke so you can publish your news and content with no problem. WebhostingPad’s plan also comes with support for multi-media files, and other popular plugin scripts. They provide cPanel for easy account control, and give you unmetered and unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

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#3. BlueHost


BlueHost is another veteran in the web hosting industry with roots dating back to 1996. They have ventured through the dot-com boom and bust, and weathered through many evolutions of web development scripting, languages, and platforms. They provide support for PHP 5, as well as support for custom PHP.INI files. Web developers will revel in BlueHost’s other features which include support for popular scripting languages, free website scripts and plugins, free eCommerce software, and multi-media file support.

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#4. HostMonster


With your HostMonster account you get a free $75 credit to promote your hot website on Google. HostMonster supports PHP as well as custom PHP.INI files. You’ll also get support for other popular scripting languages, and get free plugins for popular scripts for message forums, mail forms, blogging, and social networking. There’s free eCommerce solutions if you are ready to sell your wares online, and support for multi-media files so you can pimp out your website with all the bells and whistles.

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