Best Multiple Domain Web Hosting

Best Multiple Domain Web Hosting

The goal of most webmasters is to continuously expand their online empire by building new websites and driving traffic to them. However, without the right web server and hosting capabilities it is impossible to host many domains simultaneously without running into unnecessary fees and other pitfalls.

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Fortunately, there are many web hosting providers online that offer hosting plans which include the ability to host unlimited domains for a nominal monthly cost. The following five web hosting companies are particularly known for providing the best multiple domain web hosting plans.

#1. HostGator


HostGator is easily the most popular web hosting provider on the Internet, currently hosting over 4 million domains for clients in over 200 countries. All of their plans are backed by a 45 day money back guarantee, and if you are moving from another hosting provider all domain transfers, file transfers, database transfers, and script transfers are completely free. Thus, if you’re making the switch from your current web hosting provider in order to host an unlimited amount of domains, choosing HostGator is certainly the best decision.

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#2. iPage


Having won several awards for their top-notch support, iPage hosting is the perfect choice for webmasters looking to host unlimited domains. Every plan is backed by a money back guarantee and includes various additional features such as Google Webmaster tools integration, site analytics software, daily server malware scans, and unlimited e-mail accounts, all of which help you efficiently and safely manage your network of domains within a centralized secure interface.

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#3. BlueHost


BlueHost is known for providing unlimited domain hosting that is simplified by their beloved control panel – cPanel. Aside from having the ability to host unlimited e-mail accounts and domains, all BlueHost plans come with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee which ensures that all of your domains are safe and stable every day of the year. To facilitate the management and construction of all of your domains, BlueHost provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

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#4. AwardSpace


Perhaps the cheapest way to host an unlimited amount of domains within a single web hosting plan is to use AwardSpace, which provides cheap hosting plans starting at only 4.29 Euro per month. Aside from the ability to host unlimited domains, you’ll also receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and access to unlimited MySQL databases which facilitate the management and organization of forums, blogs, and conventional websites that are managed with popular content management systems such as WordPress.

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#5. SiteCloud


As a cloud hosting provider SiteCloud is able to offer unlimited domain hosting through their network of servers that operate in conjunction for instant expandability and unparalleled stability. With plans starting at only $4.95 per month and being backed by a 99.9% uptime and 30 day money back guarantees, it is easy to see why SiteCloud has quickly become the number one cloud hosting platform for multi-domain hosting. By utilizing the cloud hosting environment for all of your domains, you can eliminate the possibility of running out of server resources, as each webmaster has access to an unlimited amount of resources regardless of their plan.

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