Best Email Web Hosting

Best Email Web Hosting

When you own a lot of websites and you have to administer various aspects of online business, managing e-mail accounts becomes an integral part of being a webmaster. Each website can have dozens of e-mail accounts for different purposes or employees, so the process can be confusing without the proper tools and web hosting plan.

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Choosing a web hosting provider that specializes in offering robust e-mail clients and web hosting plans which include features catered towards e-mail management is the best way to minimize pitfalls associated with creating, managing, and utilizing a plethora of e-mail accounts simultaneously. The following five web hosting companies are known for providing the best e-mail web hosting plans.

#1. InMotion Hosting


InMotion hosting is known for providing business-class e-mail solutions that provide unlimited e-mail accounts, secure e-mail communication, and state-of-the-art spam fighting tools that boost productivity and improve your ability to manage all of your e-mail accounts. With personal hosting plans starting at only three dollars per month, and business-class hosting starting at only $5.95 a month, it is easy to see why many people choose to host all of their e-mail applications using InMotion hosting.

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#2. JustHost


With plans starting at only $4.45/M $3.75 a month, JustHost is the perfect e-mail web hosting provider choose if you are on a budget, yet require high quality services. JustHost provides unlimited e-mail accounts and access to various e-mail management clients such as RoundCube and Squaremail. JustHost also provides services such as e-mail forwarding, and easy e-mail set up. All JustHost web hosting plans include a free domain name, free instant setup, and a free site builder.

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#2. AwardSpace


AwardSpace offers some of the cheapest web hosting plans on the Internet, with prices starting at only 4.29 Euro a month. Every plan includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and the ability to host unlimited domains. With some of their more comprehensive plans you’ll be able to find unlimited e-mails, and useful spam filtering utilities that will keep your inboxes free of unwanted mail at all times. Using their proprietary Zacky installer you can quickly create management interfaces on your domains for easy webmail management.

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#4. HostMonster


HostMonster provides superb world-class support for all of their hosting plans, and their comprehensive solutions offer unlimited e-mail accounts, spam filtering technology, and various webmail management clients such as Squirellmail and Roundcube. By utilizing the plethora of tools made available through HostMonster for only $5.95 per month (with no hidden fees), it is possible to effectively minimize the effort required to manage thousands of e-mail accounts.

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#5. BlueHost


BlueHost is perhaps one of the most reputable web hosting companies to ever exist, successfully upholding a 99.9 % network uptime guarantee since their inception more than a decade ago. Even the cheapest BlueHost web hosting plan, which starts at $6.95/M $5.95 per month, includes unlimited e-mail accounts, the option to use various webmail clients, a proprietary spam fighting utility known as the SpamHammer, and state-of-the-art encryption capabilities that keep all of your communications safe from interception.

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